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Dogs looking for friends

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We were shocked at what we saw when we visited the Kucukcekmece Shelter. There were 10-15 dogs in each kennel that was only of a size for two or three dogs to stay for a temporary period. Some of the dogs were wounded, most probably because of fights that took place as a result of the overcrowded kennels. Nearly all of the dogs very extremely skinny. There were no food cups in the kennels. The dogs were so called fed by throwing a hand full of dry food to the kennel floor wet with urine and feces. Each animal had, two or three bits of dry food to his share, if he had the chance to pick it up in time.

On another kennel we saw a paralyzed animal lying on wet stone floor. His hind legs were rigid. It was obvious that he was in pain. We asked the vet Muhammet Ozkan what had happened to this animal. He said that he had a car accident. We asked what he was doing as a treatment. He didn’t answer. When we insisted, he said he was giving vitamins…

They didn’t let us take pictures.

Two days later we went there again, on Sunday. They didn’t let us in. The head of health department, Kadir Bulut had ordered for nobody to be taken in. We looked inside from the outer door of the shelter. There were no food cups in kennels. We asked the guard about the paralyzed dog we had seen two days ago. He told us that he was still there, lying in pain.

We have found out that two days later, some of the dogs were dumped in places far away from human habitat where there is no chance for them to find any food. Our friends went and took some pictures. Above you see the pictures of dogs released from Kucukcekmece shelter as the living witnesses of the conditions in the shelter.

For this horror to end for Kucukcekmece Municipality act as Animal Protection Law 5199 demands please reach to those that are responsible for this crime:

Küçükçekmece Major Aziz Yeniay: Tel: 212 411 06 00 fax:, 0212 411 06 08
Kuçükçekmece Municipality Health Deparment Director Kadir Bulut: 0212 624 94 98

Environment and Forest Ministery National Parks General Director .
Mustafa Kemal Yalinkiliç: mkemal@milliparklar.gov.tr fax: 0312 / 207 59 81

Environment and Forest Ministery Regional Director of Istanbul
Mehmet Emin Birpinar: mbirpinar@gmail.com fax: 0212 5200374

For pictures, click here