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Istanbul N&R

Pictures from the Sariyer shelter

This pregnant female dog, was caught to be neutered.
She was transported in a car without any ventilation or air system, where it was outside 35-38 and inside regarding long rides over 60 grade!
In the shelter she was dumped into a kennel; the birth was already started and mother and all puppies died.

Background information:
As written about on our website before, the June 2004 law stipulating that neuter and release is the only permitted method of solving the stray dog issue was put into effect since July. The municipalities are obliged to handle the problem by means of Neuter and Release and to have a good pound where the neutered dogs can recover. The animals have to be registered and returned to their original territory.
Because the municipalities cannot organize all this by themselves, they have called for tenders. For Istanbul the work was contracted out to a pesticide company.

The situation is abominable. A lot of dogs die and sick dogs are just turned back on the streets. Cases are known of a mother dog that was captured to be sterilized when she was already giving birth. The dog was thrown out of a car into a kennel and mother and pups have all died. A dog with a hernia was sterilized and returned to the streets, the same was done to a dog with a broken hipbone.
Also, there are no records of where the dogs were picked up, so they are just put on the streets anywhere; this causes a lot of fights.
The hygiene in the pounds where the dogs are being sterilized/neutered is very poor, the way the dogs are being caught comes close to animal abuse, and the transport is being done in cars without any ventilation, with cargo space temperatures ranging from 38 to 50 C..

Volunteer groups that were working in the pounds are turned out on the street; the same happened to some of the ‘residents’ of a particular pound. These dogs are now wandering outside the pound with no water or food.
Today people from the EDHKD and SHKD made pictures that can serve as evidence. It’s just too awful to think what might happen to the tens of thousands of dogs that are still in the pounds.

Narin, a very skinny female dog, with a broken hip.

We told Mr Ahmet from Aandolu Ilac, that we would like to take the dog. As it was impossible for her to survive on the streets with her broken hip. He allowed this and we took the dog Narin into the kennels, where “ours” are still allowed to stay.

One morning Narin wasn’t at her place. They have taken her out and released her. WHERE??? Nobody knows.
Our worker heard Anadolu Ilac’s 2 workes talking to each other “let us get rid of this dog”.

Asking Mr Ahmet he was very surprised that Narin was taken away. He promised to check the address where she
has been released, but it has been almost 1 month and Mr Ahmet doens’t answer our phone-calls any more.

By the way, due to the regulations of the bid, for catching, for castrating and for bringing back; the Municipalty is ought topay 3 different fees. The fee for bringing back is 20 YTL, which is roughly 11.11 Euros.

Pain, cruelty in a shelter in Turkey
The slide show you are going to watch was recorded on Sept 15, 2006, at Sariyer Kocatas shelter. The Sariyer Shelter is run by AIG, a sub-contractor of Biosav that was given the job of neuter and release in Istanbul by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as a result of a legal tender.

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