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Dogs looking for friends

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The dog in the pictures was found by two forest shelter volunteers. He was in severe pain as he walked by the side of the road with a chain hanging behind him.
The chain had grown into his neck. Put a chain around a puppy’s neck, never adjust the size as the dog grows and you will be ‘succesfull’.
The dog is 8 to 10 years old but looks much older because he has been treated so badly and he is extremely skinny.
But as horrible as he must have been feeling, he wagged his tail to the volunteers as if begging them for help. Murat just didn’t want to put the dog down.
ActieZwerfhonden will take care of the medical bills for the dog that Murat has named ‘Chain’.




They opened their fast, did their “Taraweeh” prayer on the sixth night of Holy Ramadan and sneaked to the garden of Fatih Mosque to collect the cats living there. They put the cats in big sacks and dumped in a garbage barrel or into the wild. Most of them were kittens less than a month old. They had no compassion.

However, they were the followers of the prophet who said “If you have compassion for those on earth, those above will have compassion for you.”

However, Muslims start every act with the “Name of Allah, who is el-Rahman el Rahim.” The epistemological root of the word Rahman, r-h-m, in ordinary language is related to delicasy, pity, benevolance, intimate tenderness. Rahim means mother’s womb and is associated with creation. God embraces all his creation with limitless compassion and tenderness. All those that are created are created with the Rahman name of Allah. There is Rahman in the essence of creation.

In The Holy Kuran it says:
“All the beasts that roam the earth and all the birds that wing their flight are but communities like your own.” 6/38
“All that is in the heavens and the earth gives glory to God, the Soverign Lord, the Holy One, the Almighty, the Wise One. ” 62/1

And they went home as if nothing had happened. They started the fast for the next day. They did their morning prayer. They slept as the cats in garbage barrels strove in death agony.


The dog in the picture above was rescued from The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) shelter in Hasdal. He was taken to a veterinary clinic where the leg was diagnosed to be broken to many pieces, bandaged wrongly and developed gangrene. He died.

We also had seen a dog in the IMM shelter one day ago with three other dogs infected with mange. The next day, somebody found him on the road by Kemerburgaz forests and took him to the SHKD shelter. He was in a terrible condition with no energy to stay on his feet. His medical treatment was started immediately.

IMM and other municipalities are dumping many weak and injured animals in forests to die there in misery. They don’t even care to treat mange which is a curable skin disease.


Death teams were on duty yesterday. On July 23, 2008, Kartal Municipality serial killers poisoned dogs at Aydost picnic area. The number of dogs found killed had reached 10 by this morning, July 24, 2008. These are the ones that could be found. They died in pain, vomiting blood as their organs were broken down to pieces, as the city was sleeping in peace.

Istanbul is preparing to be the cultural capital of Europe in 2010.

More news from Turkey, the Gokturk municipality in Istanbul has been collecting dogs since this morning, the volunteers in the area were told by the municipality that they were going to “reduce the population” of stray dogs in their area by taking all dogs “somewhere else” (i.e, dumping them on the moon).

December 3rd 2008

Kartal/Istanbul poisoning


what happened before in Kartal

December 2008


We received following message:

The pictures you will see below were taken by a group of animal rights volunteers at the Gungoren municipal shelter in Istanbul a few days ago. When the group got there, they noticed that the animals in the shelter had not been fed food or water for days.. You will see some dry food having been placed before some of the animals in the cages. That has been fed by volunteers, not by the municipality. Indeed, there was no municipal figure in place to take care of the animals, apart from one guy who manned the entrance gate to the shelter and that was all he was doing. Food was basically out of the question for the animals. The volunteers spotted several dead dogs inside the cages, and there was a terrible stench from their decomposing bodies. The stench of death was all around the Gungoren shelter, not metaphorically, literally…

An official complaint was filed immediately following the volunteer group’s visit. And the response to that complaint was nothing short of a scandal. The team in charge of the municipality’s animal control work led by Mr. Engin Civan claimed that the shelter served stray animals “under the most appropriate and modern conditions”.

When was the last time you have seen a “modern” and “appropriate” shelter whose cages are filled with the bodies of dogs starved to death?

No, we are not letting anybody get away with this disaster…

One of the leading news channels in our country, CNN Turk is also following this disaster closely. Today, the pictures you have seen in the album were broadcast on CNN Turk. On Monday, the CNN Turk team will contact Mr. Yucel Karaman, the mayor of Gungoren, for an explanation of the situation (we are really curious what he has to say).

Please spare one moment to show your support for the dogs of Gungoren shelter who are experiencing hell in there. Let the mayor know of your disgust with the situation.


Gungoren Mayor Yücel Karaman

Gungoren Municipality Phone Number: +90 212 449 55 00

Also, please thank the CNN Turk team and ask them to pursue this matter till the end:


January 2nd.

The mayor avoided appearing on CNN turk on Monday even tough he had initially said that he would. CNN Turk followed up on the situation, and made several follow up broadcasts about the shelter. There has been some improvement, heaters have been installed at the shelter and some renovation work has been done. The shelter volunteers association donated a car load of supplies to the shelter like food bowls. so the situation has improved a bit.

more pictures click here