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Dogs looking for friends

IBAN NL62INGB0004011891 BIC / SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A ING Bank-Amsterdam. ActieZwerfhonden Zonnemaire The Netherlands


Update April 16th 2006, Good news from our friend Tina in Istanbul

No shelter is beautiful, however, this one is not far from it. April 16th, 2006 we arrived unannounced and the place was almost spotless. Of course there are sick dogs but they are being well cared for. Every single cage had large bowls of food, however, I did notice there were no water bowls – maybe because it was feeding time? The dogs sang in chorus as we walked around.

Elif and her friends plus some workers from the belediye take care of the Tuzla dogs and even though one year ago there were some dreadful rumours of the disgusting conditions TODAY the dogs are well and taken care of.

A special thank you has to be said to the Baskan for being a man of compassion and having respect for animals.

To be able to keep up the standard they still require your help with dog food and medication.

The one thing I did notice is the dogs have no shelter from the hot sun, which even though has not started yet, it will soon. Maybe if you have something that could make their life more confortable in summer please contact the shelter.



Another friend wrote us

Tuzla was a death camp a year ago but now it’s much more better. They reconstructed it and a company donated 2 containers where we can keep the puppies and sick dogs. Now they are not dying from starvation (although they are always hungry, can kill eachother just for bread). No dog dies from sickness. There is no deadly disease anymore. Yet still there is alot to do. It’s not a shelter, it’s a rehabilition center but when we spay a dog and leave it back on the street, it gets killed by the municipality men.


But hopefully it will get better. We’ll see by time.


The municipal shelter in Tuzla is in a deplorable state.

The municipality is not prepared to put extra money and / or means at the shelter’s disposal. Volunteers are working very hard to try and make the situation somewhat tolerable for the animals. (more pictures of the harsh reality can be found at: http://gif.actiezwerfhonden.nl)

We received the following message from the volunteers:

“We, the volunteers of the Shelter Help Group, were at the Tuzla shelter yesterday to clean there. Everything here goes with many difficulties and very slowly. The dogs are sick, cold and very sad. You should see the fear they have for us, humans, even when we try to feed them a cookie. There were 9 of us to clean, and non of the dogs reacted with aggression towards any of us, all they are is, afraid of us. Afraid to be hurt again….

Unfortunately, we could not finish our work yesterday and so I went back today. Of all the personal present no one was willing to help in any way or even to simply do their own jobs. They were sitting in the main building, having tea. You have no idea how bad these people are.

Yesterday, we brought 4 puppies to a veterinarian somewhere else and this morning, one of the pups had died. We keep our fingers crossed, the other 3 pups will survive. The vet keeps checking their temperature but it stays below 31 degrees Celsius. Another pup had a high fever and a bad cough. And there’s one pup that cannot stand or walk. The pups are still at the vet’s clinic but once they have improved, they will have to return to the Tuzla shelter.

When we were cleaning the dog’s cages yesterday, we found a mother dog, with 4 puppies, 3 pups were alive and 1 dead puppy. Heart-breaking…. ”

For more pictures, click here