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March 16th 2006
today again we received terrible news from animal wellfare workers in Turkey.

This weekend a terrible thing happened. In Ankara, there was this word being spread around about stray dogs being left in a garbage dump area. The place is huge and hard to reach so it took some time for the activists to check out if that is true or not. On Sunday they went there and we heard that the story was true. Hundreds of dogs were left there by unknown people. It is not hard to guess who those unknown people are. It’s said that no one else is dealing with stray animals and no one else would have the force to carry hundreds of them there but the Manipulacity!

Here is the situation. Hundereds of dogs were killed in different ways; some legs tied and raped to death, some were shot, some were poisoned. Sacks were found full of puppy bodies. And still hundreds are alive dying from starvation, eating others’ dead bodies!
This should be protested forever. We are planning to do some protests in front of the government buildings in Ankara.
Everybody is busy writing protests to parliament members, municipalities, press, etc. One parliamenter is helping terrificly. He has made legal application to have Mayors of Mamak and Altindag be expelled from office. He has written to head of Parliament to show the file he prepared to the mInister and to have the Minister take immediate action against such Municipalities so that such massacres cannot happen again.

But to have justice take its course a lot more members of parliament need to be convinced that these barbaric acts have to stop.

March 24th

Despite worldwide protest the abuse of straydogs straydogs in Ankara continues. Today in Kutludugun municipality strays were raped, shot or burried alive.



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