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Dogs looking for friends

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They are catching every stray dog they can find in Didim, of course related to the upcoming season of tourists coming, and locked up in shelters. This is supposed to be a temporary measure……

The volunteers of the shelter are warning that they are not able to offer shelter to this amount of dogs.

Even if it is meant to release all the dogs after the season, there is still a lot of damage done; packs are disturbed and the young ones are not familiar with surviving life on the streets. There will be more commotion and by that more nuisance, with all consequences.

In Bodrum one discovered a case of rabies, as the government is stating. Animal protectors emphasize the fact that these kind of announcements are most of the times based on lies and are only used as an excuses for upcoming massacres, which means killing of many stray dogs.

Already 50 dogs disappeared

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Subject: TAKEN – Song for The Dogs of Altinkum


Men came in the night,
when no-one was lookin’
We thought you were our friend,
but evil was cookin’

You took us away
to some distant place
why are you doing this
to our canine race ?

We are getting so tired now,
We tried to get home,
Oh please for some water !
or a nice juicy bone,

We’ll lay down and sleep now,
and dream while we can
of the good friends we once had
and of the home where we ran.

chorus :
” No water, No food,
No shelter from the sun,
Oh dear Lord. What have we done, ?
We’ll die here alone,
No-one will see – – All because of what we are , We are dogs that were free ! ”