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Shakira, a one and a half year old bitch.
Shakira and her brother lived in Büyükdere, a place 15 minutes away from our shelter. Shakira’s brother died due to the injuries after he was hit by a car. Shakira wouldn’t eat or drink for days after her brother died..

The loving care that Shakira received from a modest animal loving lady, pulled Shakira through and she became a ray of sunlight for the entire neighbourhood.

In the same street there was a man living, unfortunately he was the direct neighbour of the lady that loves animals so much. One day, when the lady was working in her garden and Shakira was laying right there in the garden, the man climbed over the fence and threw Saltpetre Acid over Shakira.

Shakira’s agonising cries were heard all over the neighbourhood. People were leaning out of their windows, coming outside as Shakira was running up and down in terrible agony….

The lady contacted us and we rushed over there to get Shakira and to bring her to our shelter to give her medical care. The man who did this to Shakira has already killed many cats. One cat was saved by a person, pulling the cat out of the man’s hands as he was trying to strangle the cat. Shakira’s owner, the lady, has reported this crime to the police. The responsable officials of the Ministry of Agriculture have visited our shelter to write a medical report about the incident and Shakira’s condition


After she recovered Shakira was adopted by a family in Buyukdere.

Unfortunately this person cannot keep Shakira due to the constant threats. The dog is currently in the forest shelter and will be rehomed to Germany

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