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Today we received a message from the animal welfare organization DOHAYKO in Istanbul. They have had meetings with the mayor of the Buyukada borough and he has promised them a new modern pound. He will also provide food and medical care for the animals that are in the pound. From now on, three DOHAYKO volunteers will go to the pound at least 2 times a week to help take care of the animals.

The shelter of Buyukada (One of the Princess Islands) is sitauated by the seaside. The shelter is located on a slope above the sea which means the shelter is vulnerable to sharp north winds. Its all garbage everywhere. ( I spent one hour at the shelter and I am down with a flue since days).

The next room is reserved for the horses who have the Ruam sickness (I don’t know the word in english. But its called Ruam in turkish). The only food the dogs get to eat is the moldy bread, splashed with water. Some dogs get to eat on a material used to build roofs in the forest (could be plasterboard). Some eat in the shelter, again on this kind of material. And then there is also this red washtub, again serving for food bowl. So altogether, there are three food bowls serving for food bowls, for hundred dogs at the shelter. The food they get to eat is as follows: The moldy, rotten bread. Thats it.

The shelter is all the way at the top of a mountain. They say, the corpse of the dead dogs are being chucked away at the Maltepe junkyard. The animals are covered with scabs. The sickness has become so bad that the animal bodies’ are full of bloody wounds. The wounds are all inflected. Believe me, its horrible down in the Princess Island shelter.

The door keeper of the shelter; Ahmet, he lives in very uncivilised conditions. The ‘hut’ he lives in, has no electricity, no water, no heater or nothing to serve as a heat, water leaks in from outside. Ahmet got 8 dogs, covered with scabs, in his room and placed them in the washtubs, to protect them from the cold. Ahmet says he got scabs from them. He says, he itches horribly. The living conditions of this poor man, must change.

The dog houses which you will see in the pictures have been supplied by the volunteers. Unfortunately, these dog houses are not adequate enought to protect the poor dogs from the harsh winds.

All kinds, big or small, are freely strolling around. The problem is; the stronger ones are pestering and ill-treating the weaker ones.

Previously, 47 stray dogs have been murdered, in Heybeliada, (One of the Princess Islands) at the Akcakoca Location. Latter to that, 13 stray dogs have been killed in Buyuk Ada. This information has been obtained on thursday, from the sellers at the bazaar.

update 21-02-2007

The situation in the shelter is still miserable. 22 dogs have passed away in the last week. The dogs cannot be fed well, and as a result of this their immune systems are weak.

They are just two volunteers that attempt to take care of the dogs. The leftovers delivered by the municipality for the dogs include….oranges.


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