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28 May 2010


There has been a considerable change in animal welfare after the new management came to power at Beykoz Municipality. As a result of the former management s negative attitude towards cooperation with animal protection organizations, 2000 dogs in the shelter had been dumped in the forest to die of hunger and thirst. After Yucel Çelikbilek was elected as the new mayor things have changed radically in Beykoz. Mr. Celikbilek being a true believer seeing animals as  weaker beings entrusted by God to the responsibility of humans  started many positive projects for the welfare of animals. Now animals dumped in forests by the former management are being fed and taken care of as a result of cooperative efforts of the municipality and animal protector volunteers. There has been dog huts put in the forest by PETA-Germany and the municipality itself. Rehoming and PR campaigns are organized in cooperation with Haytap. An education campaign to reach all primary schools in the region is planned by the municipality.
On 13 May, we were at Sehit Er Ersin Güner Ilkögretim Okulu as the first stop of our education campaign in Beykoz. Murat Bekhan from SHKD gave our education seminer to a total of 600 students in four consecutive groups. The students had fun and learned a lot together. Some of the students expressed their wish to join the volunteers in Beykoz. They all received the education booklets with joy. As after all our seminars, we are more hopeful now that the future generations approach towards the stray animal issue will be more humane and conscientious.

emergency upd.02-12-2009


In the local shelter owned by the municipality of Beykoz/Istanbul approximately 2000 dogs are living.

Under the inspiring leadership of Berrin Olcay and Yasmin Baban, the volunteers try to take care (medically) and feed the animals as good as they possibly can.

Normally you would expect that the mayor would be pleased with the hard work these ladies do, which ordinarily should be done by the municipality according to the law nr. 5199. But, last Saturday, the shelter was surprised by an unexpected visitor, in the person of Ayzer Bÿüker, he stated he came to perform an inspection on behalf of the municipality. Ayzer is the son of Toper Buÿüker, associated with Anadolu Ila. Anadolu is the company where the contract was cancelled due to illegal actions.

You can find Anadolu Ilac in the news under the title “massacre under the cloak of sterilisation”. http://ehdkd.blogspot.com/2006/12/stop-press.html and Istanbul neuter and

Meanwhile most of the caretakers have been fired and volunteers are not allowed to enter the shelter.

The reports state that many dogs did not get any food or water for 5 days, and that the doghouses were not cleaned. Several dogs have already passed away because of lack of (medical) care.

Buyuker was hired as a manager of the shelter and Anadolu supposedly made a deal with the sub-municipality Beykoz, to, with the shelter as a home basis, neuter all the stray-dogs in the surrounding areas, with a payment of 75-100ytl per ovary of testicle.

Of course Anadolu is not doing this out of its love for animals, but to get a financially stronger position and you can imagine what they achieve financially by caring for 2000 dogs.

Berrin, Jasmin and friends have taken legal actions against the municipality.

Also the volunteers have send an written piece of text by Buyuker to an expert in handwriting at the University of Istanbul. The outcome of the analysis was that the person that wrote this needed psychiatric help quickly.

Some parts of the reports we received about this case during the past days and links to the images from the shelter.


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Addresses for protest

Prime Ministry Republic of Turkey: info@abgs.gov.tr

Innenministerium/Presse: basin@icisleri.gov.tr

Innenminister direkt: aaksu@icisleri.gov.tr

Berater des Innenministers: ozelkalem@icisleri.gov.tr

Ministerpräsident/Public Relations: halklailiskiler@basbakanlik.gov.tr
Minister für Tourismus und Kultur: bilgi@basbakanlik.gov.tr

Minister für Umwelt und Forstwirtschaft: bilgi@osmanpepe.com.tr

EU Sitz in der Türkei delegation-turkey@cec.gov.tr
Türkische Botschaft in Berlin info@tuerkischebotschaft.de

Bürgermeister Beykoz M.Ergül


400 dogs allready died

In the first week of May poisonningcampagnes take place in the streets of Beykoz.

Beykoz blog