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The story of the Bahcesehir municipal shelter is also a story of neglect and injustice.

Mr. Mustafa Yilmaz was taking care of the animals in this shelter as good as he could. One night, 100 dogs were taken by municipality officials and taken away. The dogs were dumped in an inhospitable mountain area, left there to die of hunger and thirst. After many national and international protests, the mayor called Mr. Yilmaz over and he promised help to find the dogs again. The vet responsible for the disappearance of the dogs, was going to be fired and the mayor promised that as of that day, the municipality was going to carry the costs of the shelter.
Many dogs were found again, several others were found dead in a cave, poisoned. The order to poison these dogs was given by the municipality spokesman, Mr. Kemal Aydin. His accomplice and actual killer was Mr. Ibrahim Salman. Charges have been brought to all these individuals, including the mayor. Biopsies have been taken from the killed dogs and these have been sent to several different laboratories.

On January the 9th, 2005, we received new reports images from the Bahcesehir shelter.
Mr. Yilmaz is not allowed access to “his” animals anymore. All animals have been driven together into one large space while all the available kennels are empty. There is absolutely no (medical) care whatsoever, the dogs are living on a wet concrete floor, wet due to spilt drinking water and urine. Volunteers that were bringing food for the dogs, were removed from the shelter by the police, by order of the municipality.
Mr. Yilmaz writes that the municipality has found a new way to kill these animals; they are no longer feeding them, not giving them any medical care and keeping them under extreme unhygienic conditions.


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