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Radikal is a serious newspaper in Turkey, this a link to their website online newspaper version leading to their article about the killing of dogs with rifles. Below the link.

Newspaper article Radikal



ARDAHAN Municipality dog killing team went out to kill the street dogs as if they were on a hunting excursion

Reporter: Ümit Kiliç/ARDAHAN

Ardahan Municipality dog killing team went out last night to hunt down dogs on the streets and shot down all the dogs they saw with hunting rifles. About 20 dead dogs bodies were collected from the streets by the garbage trucks towards morning and taken to the city garbage dump.

The dog killing team went out towards midnight and started killing the street dogs one by one. Citizens who saw that they were killing the dogs with hunting guns reacted to the hunters. The team workers paid no attention to the people of the city and continued killing the dogs. Then when they saw the newspaper reporters in front of them they left all the dogs and ran away. The garbage truck came towards dawn and collected the dead bodies of about 20 dogs and dumped them at the garbage dump which is about 5 kilometers from the city center.

Ardahan Mayor Mikail Kayatürk of DP [Demokrat Party], replied to the questions of the newspaper reporters regarding the killing of dogs: “I don’t know about it. Don’t you have anything better to do? I have a meeting to attend.”


2008 This is a quotation from Ardahan-Kuzeyanadolu Newspaper

The dogs were shot down and pressed to death while they were still alive.

Ardahan Municipality shot down the dogs in the city with rifles and disposed of their bodies.

It was notable that this operation was carried out by Metin Maranci, Manager of the Municipality Cleaning Dept, in person on the site and he carried it out in front of the children who happened to be there.

He ordered the workers to “SHOOT” and then said to the newspaper reporters “YOU SHOT THEM”.

At least 30-40 dogs were killed with poison injector shooting rifles in the center of the city during the massacre carried out by the Ardahan Municipality, the dogs were on the ground struggling for life when they were collected and pressed in the garbage truck, it is notable that they were killed under the press in the garbage truck.

The manager of the Cleaning Dept Metin Maranci was angry because the reporters were taking photos, first he tried to chase away the children who were watching, and then he verbally attacked the reporters saying they had killed the dogs.

I request that this person should be investigated according to the link below, the article quoted above, and photographs , otherwise I will have to file a complaint to the district attorney.