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Massacre continues.

They are killing all dogs they find, including those that have owners. People try to ignore. They still call the municipality asking for the dog in their street to be taken. Where? They don’t want to think about that. Municipalities constantly deny what they are doing. Their common reply is, “We neutered and put them back. The other municipalities collect and kill.”

August 26th.

From a German newspaper.
Massacre of dogs in Antalya

Because of the horrific slaughtering of dogs Turkey made the headlines.
The reason for the killing of enormous amounts of dogs close to Antalya was the fact that a dog was infected with rabies according to the local authorities in Turkey.

Dr. Barbara Wardeck-Mohr started an investigation.

(picture: Since 4 years there has been made up a law for animal protection in Turkey, but there is still no sign that the suffering of stray dogs will end)

On the 10th of April a child was bitten by a dog in the region of Güneydogu/Antalya, the child died when it stayed in quarantine. By examining the dog in the laboratory one concluded an infection of rabies. After this conclusion the swoop began for dogs that were on the streets, as well as towards dogs owned by families and vaccinated properly. Also the owned dogs were included within the hunt.

Horrific slaughter

Official arguments that drove people to execute this awful killing is article 3285 which you can find in the Turkish law concerning animal health, but the first step is putting animals under quarantine, by following the rules the right way this was applied in the shelter of Antalya where 350 dogs are kept.
I heard about this during a press conference of the animal welfare society called PETA with Sevda Kirac, chairman of the THKD, a organisation in favour of animal protection, that is active in Turkey since 1924, and the manager of the largest animals shelter in Antalya.

In all the other communities like Güneydogu, Kepez, Muratpasa, Konyaalti and Varsak the dogs were murdered or drugged, loaded in trucks, partially alive thrown in mass graves.
People were not informed about these actions! Again and again animal protectors find new graves, with several pups. The number of dogs that have been killed is only to be estimated. Animal protectors say it concerns thousands.

Buried under the ground in the forest.

With a voice influenced by tears Sevda Kirac tells her continuing story during our telephone conversation ‘dogs were taken away from their owners with much violence by so called killing-teams, they were sedated by guns immediately and thrown into the trucks. They tell the owners that the dogs are taken into quarantine in the shelter of Antalya or in the zoo of Izmir. We have to deal with owners crying, wanting their dogs’.

Until the end of may the governors council, the board of agricultural advisory and the communal authorities denied all the accusations made, and stated that there were no dogs that were killed, only vaccinated and put under quarantine.

Now that the mass graves are discovered, they twist their story by saying they care for the health of the people. The opposite is the truth: dead dogs were brought to areas in the forest that were accessible for the public and thrown into small shallow holes under the ground. There are even partially sticking out dead bodies. This is a great danger for human welfare.

Severe deterioration

Because of the international pressure of animal protectors, the municipality of Antalya and the Minister for Home affairs have now appeared to the scene.
There are many questions to be answered: What has happened with the 15 million Euro that was given by the European Union to provide the animals with vaccinations against rabies?
Why did the police in Antalya not succeed stopping the trucks with dead dogs while chasing them? What is the influence of these barbarian action on the joining of the European Union by Turkey? What kind of country is this when it is not showing any respect towards animals and people and is not paying any attention to the Turkish law for animal protection? As far as the people involved with the protection of animals this is an unthinkable and intolerable deterioration.

Dr. Rer.nat. Barbara Wardeck-Mohr is a scientist specialised in Nature and Languages. The publicist of the Eberhard Trumler-Station and initiator of the Thüringer Forum drawn up for Human and Dog in Oberhof, and writes for magazines that are specialised in dogs.
You can find more info on www.peta.de