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update March 24 2011

We learnt that stray dogs have been raped in Ankara. Unfortunately, this is not something unique in Turkey. However the location where it happened this time is very odd.

The awful occurrence took place at a field behind the city hall. Local government offices in Turkey are guarded day and night. The rape had to have been heard by guards, as the animals were crying out loud.

Do you also feel the need to express your horror in receiving this news, please, send your
e-mail to the mayor of Ankara: mustafatuna@sincan.bel.tr

The Altindag Municipality Death Camp has started to be demolished. 18 dogs were rescued from the dungeon. Unfortunately, one mother and her six puppies whose bodies were nearly covered with ticks couldn’t survive. Rest of the dogs were taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment, two for broken and crashed bones, the others for internal and external parasites.

We thank Ahmet Yildiz, who uncovered this humiliating dungeon and rescued the 18 dogs there, Haytap who struggled to make the place demolished and everybody who gave a hand to change the destiny of the poor souls.


Just horrific: dead dogs, prison style cages, puppies with more ticks than you can count on them: there goes the Altindag Stray Animal Rehabilitation Center in Ankara….

There are no words to describe the suffering of these dogs – we can only hope that God will forgive us all for their suffering.

‘Well – thought decisions, right steps’. That is the motto of the Altindag Municipality in Ankara.

Now, we invite mayor Veysel Tiryaki to take the right steps; and correct the disastrous conditions at this particular facility.”

Who dares say it’s not about time to raise our voices and speak for the voiceless.
Please write to Turkish government (prime minister’s office) dib@basbakanlik.gov.tr and the Mayor of Altindag/Ankara vtiryaki@altindag.bel.tr



Killing of stray dogs in Ankara…

On Thursday, March the 10th 2005, straydogs and their pups were brutally killed in Ankara. In the Altinday municipality some municipal workers were tearing down some old abandoned houses. But as often is the case with these abandoned houses, they were occupied by stray dogs, mostly by the nursing bitches and their new born puppies. Once the workers heard the dogs, they stopped their work and tried to catch the dogs. Most of them were killed on the spot, with iron bars. All the time, the audience, including children, were watching the event. Some of the dogs had been sedated but often not sufficiently enough. The dogs were thrown in the back of a truck by their tails, the puppies screaming…
The dogs were taken to a shelter where the surviving dogs were killed as well.
The entire event was filmed and broadcasted by CNN Turk News.
4th of may 2007

The following movie shows images of the 27 murdered dogs in Ankara; puppies as well as adult dogs, castrated and uncastrated(see earmarks)




They show the same video film. This video film was broadcasted on Channel 24 today at 15:00 hours. This is the summary:
A man who worked in “Yuzyil” shelter in Ankara for 4 years is confessing how they collected dogs from the city, brought them to this “Yuzyil” shelter, then every week took them and dumped them in an isolated place where there is nothing but a rock mine, no food, no water, no people, no garbage, no nothing. He says they did what Murat, the manager of the shelter told them to do. Every week or ten days they stuffed a truck with 70-80 dogs and dumped them in that isolated place, puppies included. Many of the dogs have light green colored ear tags showing they have been neutered and released. This man says that he has seen Miss/Mrs Behiye (I think her last name was Eryilmaz) once in 4 years, she is supposed to be the person responsible for managing that shelter. From the things he explains they have calculated that about 24 thousand dogs have been killed this way, 6000 of them puppies.

11 October 2008
An official charges are made against the mayor and the shelter of Cankaya/Ankara for killing animals in the shelter and for bringing animals to outer areas.

Send your protest to

cevkom@tbmm.gov.tr, bakan@icisleri.gov.tr , aaksu@icisleri.gov.tr, bakan@cevreorman.gov.tr,ozelkalem@cevreorman.gov.tr ,
bulent.arinc@tbmm.gov.tr ,cumhurbaskanligi@tccb.gov.tr,
bilgi@basbakanlik.gov.tr , mahalli.bilgiedinme@icisleri.gov.tr,
bilgiedinme@basbakanlik.gov.tr, bimer@basbakanlik.gov.tr ,

CC:baskan@yenimahalle.bel.tr , ozelkalem@yenimahalle.bel.tr, veteriner@yenimahalle.bel.tr, yazi@yenimahalle.bel.tr, teftis@yenimahalle.bel.tr, hukuk@yenimahalle.bel.tr , baskan@ankara.bel.tr, ankara@cevreorman.gov.tr,


For more pictures, click here