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Hundred dogs were poisoned in Mahmutlar/Alanya, using Strychnine. Before the actual death of the animals, they suffer from horrible cramps for hours and hours, that’s how Strychnine works. Here too, the animal protection workers have had the cause of death examined by tissue samples.
Read the above official statement
Following letter we received from an animalwellfare worker in Turkey

Dear Friends,

I write this letter to share unfortunate news from one of touristy villages of Turkey. Recently poisoning and killing took place in Mahmutlar area of City of Alanya.

Below please find a volunteer’s, fighting for the same cause, letter describing this painful and terrifying incident.

I will never forget this as long as I live!!!!! I don’t know where to begin. I came home after school, the weather was great. I was just getting ready to take Mickey out. A friend of mine called. He told me that many animals were poisoned. The vet had called my friend and told him that there were so many animals poisoned. The vet wanted to take an immediate action but he needed help. I told my friend to go there immediately and that I would be there as fast as I can. The place is far away. I wish I knew about this incident when I was still in school. It would have been closer. I was waiting for someone to take me there I called the municipality many times. I couldn’t reach the Mayor. They connected me to number of people who knew nothing about what happened, but the Mayor. One of them said “since you are a volunteer and an animal rights activist, why don’t you go there to pick up animals. Must we do these ourselves?”… I tried to reason with him by telling him the new law, but he said that he did not know anything about the new law. So I went to Mahmutlar. Lots of animals were in agony in front of the clinic. The German residents were crying for their dying dogs. Little kids were holding the blood serum. The clinic did not accept them, so they were lying in front of the clinic…

Although we were able to save only two of them, they are still in serious condition. One of them is nursing mother. 4 of her puppies died immediately. They were so little. Mother’s nipples were still full of milk. My friend said that signs were telling us strychnine was used. I suggested autopsy to be done but everybody was busy with helping animals. Press went to the dumping ground for research, so I had to stay to help my friend. He cut one black dog’s stomach and took out all his intestinal. we were surrounded by kids. They helped us to put intestinal into trash bags. kids were so sad. Dead animals were everywhere!!!! I mean EVERYWHERE!!! Dead cats, heads were twisted to side… I will forward the pictures. I know my writing is very scattered but I feel horrible right now. . Dogs we saved will stay in the clinic for tonight. After we left we went to one of German friend’s home. She has a small shelter type place in her yard. She accepted the puppies. If we put them back on the street again they will die. There may still be strychnine on the street….

This incident took place in press and on national TV channels

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