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Dogs looking for friends

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More pictures on the situation in Turkey

everyday life in Turkey

March 2010

The dog in the pictures was found by two forest shelter volunteers.
He was in severe pain as he walked by the side of the road with a chain hanging behind him.
The chain had grown into his neck.
Put a chain around a puppy’s neck, never adjust the size as the dog grows and you will be ‘succesfull’.
The dog is 8 to 10 years old but looks much older because he has been treated so badly and he is extremely skinny.
But as horrible as he must have been feeling, he wagged his tail to the volunteers as if begging them for help.
Murat just didn’t want to put the dog down.
ActieZwerfhonden will take care of the medical bills for the dog that Murat has named ‘Chain’.

August 2009

Dumped in Istanbul forest

Shelter Altindag/Ankara

March 2009
Killing in Divrigi/Sivas

February 2009

Poisoning in Bandirma

Beykoz shot and/or poisoned

Poisoning in Erzincan


January 2009

Izmir poisoning

December 2008

Gungoren/Istanbul municipal shelter

Turkey cekebrating Bayram



Poisoning Kardal/Istanbul

November 2008

Dogfights in Kahramanmaras


Those who watch the dog fight video in Kahramanmaras are horrified. The dogs tear each other apart while the gamblers make bets on them.

It has been reported that the dog fights take place in Afsin and Elbistan districts of Kahramanmaras, those who watch are terrified. Hundreds of people gather in an empty piece of land and form a circle to watch the dog fights. The fights start off in the atmosphere of a festivity and the dogs start ripping each other apart. The scenes show how the dogs are interlocked in the fight for minutes until they are badly wounded and bleeding. The owners of the dogs urge their dogs to continue the fight, the dogs attack each other and sometimes roll over among the watching crowd. The dog owners say that they bring their dogs from different parts of Turkey to prove how strong their dogs are. It was remarkable that tens of spectators recorded the fights on their mobile telephone cameras as a souvenir.



mei 2008



April 2008

Municipal shelter Beykoz

Maart 2008

Neclect municipal shelter Kucukcekmece

Februari 2008

Sariyer municipality dumps and poisons dogs

September 2007

Dogs dumped in the Istanbul forest are starving and shot

juli 2007

Kutahya 2007,6-23 and 2007,7-4 The following pictures are taken in the local shelter of Kutahya, unless clearly stated otherwise.