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Report on the situation in Turkey

Poisoning, neglect and abuse, the every day life of the stray dogs in Turkey.

We felt that under an item such as Worth knowing, a report about the current situation in Turkey is at place.

Since July 3rd, 2004, the Turkish government adopted an animal protection law which is a great step forward. We understand it is difficult to implement this law fully and at all times. Yet we will keep striving for this law to be fully implemented and used correctly.

So far, the European Union and the international animal protection organisations are hardly or not at all trying to help make things better. According to the EU, the subject of stray animals is a national problem, to be dealt with by national politics. The international animal protection organisations either do not fully realise the extend of the problems or they have other priorities.

Animal welfare workers in Turkey have asked us to make matters public in the hope that this publicity will finally get the national – and international politics and the animal protection organisations, to react and to let the Turkish government know that the current situation is not desired. We’re hoping that the international politics and the animal protection organisations will finally start to offer help to Turkey to solve this immense stray dog problem.

Since our website is also visited by children, we felt we could not show the, often shocking, pictures. Therefore we have created a separate page. At all the relevant pages, there’s a link to this separate page.


12/24 2016

I really do not like to speak of the current situation in Turkey in a negative way, but I do believe the truth should be shared. This is a message I received from a contact in Istanbul:

Unbelievable what you, from the Netherlands, are able to do for the (stray) animals of Turkey. You deserve all the respect and love in the world! Here, shelters are being set to fire…because people don’t like living near the dogs, and other shelters are managed by people who are nothing more than devils. Each day I have to argue or even fight with people who are mistreating or disrespecting cats and dogs. I have been living here for 10 years now and I still do not see the necessary change in mentality. But, even though, I will never lose hope. Because of wonderful people like you all!

But please remember there are also a lot of goor people like this lady that wrote the mail who really care for the animals.