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Table of Contents

New AnimalprotectionBill(extract from an article written by Perihan Agnelli)

Comments ActieZwerfhonden

News regarding the new law upd.november 2008


Turkey adopts new AnimalprotectionBill

and NEUTER & RETURN  in Animal Protection Law

The Turkish Parliament has invoked an Animal Protection Law, the first time such a law has been introduced in an Islamic Country.

The law has recently been the subject of much discussion with the Law makers, and following the Presidential Seal the law came into force July 2004.

Neuter and Return.
The work of the Fethlye Friends of Animals Association has been fundamental in Turkey now adopting Neuter and Return as law and the method Municipalities must follow regarding stray dog populations.
The Mobile Clinics that are presently utilized by the Association in both the regional areas and within Istanbul will be the spear-head to spreading the neuter and Return program Nation-wide.

The setting up of the infrastructure to implement the new regulations is the next phase and this will include the training and management that each municipality will have to follow in order to make the neuter and return program successful.
Our help will include the setting up of seminars and veterinary training programs, informing and educating the population, vaccination programs to prevent the spread of Rabies plus injections and treatment of the animals to improve their health and survival abilities which will provide for better times for people and dogs alike.

Dog Compounds.
Alongside the introduction of Neuter and Return will be the outlawing of inhumane controls to reduce animal numbers such as by poisoning and shooting, plus the dismantling of animal compounds where thousands of dogs have been (and still are) incarcerated, suffering in overcrowded and dirty conditions.

Compulsory Neutering.
The new Law will also provide regulations for the compulsory neutering of privately-owned dogs.

Should an owner want his dogs to have puppies then he has to apply to the authorities for a license.

Professional breeders will be licensed on a yearly basis and they will have to fulfil many requirements as to kennel conditions, veterinary care etc.

Some other provisions of the law includes:

Dog-fighting, Cock-fighting.
All forms of organized animal fighting and baiting are prohibited.

Breeding and Selling Dangerous dogs.
The breeding and selling/buying of dangerous dogs such as Pit-bulls, Japanese Tosa and the likes is prohibited.

Cruelty and Neglect.
This can apply to many actions that take place in Turkey, such as keeping a dog on a short chain, no shade, no fresh water, beating, etc. These measures are to ensure that once an owner has been warned about the condition of his animal or the way he has been treating/neglecting the animal, should he not take heed then penalties can be applied.

Changing an Animal’s Appearance.
Practises of cutting ears, docking tails, removing nails and teeth is prohibited, unless necessary for the health of the animal.

Road Accidents.
No longer can you have a road accident with a dog and leave it lying dead or injured. There are penalties for not stopping and taking the animal to a Vet.

Fethlye Friends of Animals Association



FHDD, PO Box 7m 48300
Fethlye, Mugla, Turkey.


This is an extract from an article written by Perihan Agnelli, Chairman of the FHDD, as it was printed in the Paws 4 Rescue Magazine. This article is placed with the kind permission of the author.

If you’d like to read the entire Turkish Animal Protection Law, please contact us at the address below and we will sent you the full text. The official Law is available in English, German and Turkish so please let us know in which language you’d like to receive the text.

Comment ActieZwerfhonden

A Turkish newspaper published an article about the newly adopted Turkish Animal Protection Law. Eventhough this new law has much more to offer regarding animal welfare, the newspaper only mentioned the obligatory neutering of privately owned pets. To us, this is a concern that only such a small part of the law was mentioned.

And allthough we are very pleased that this new law has been adopted and recognize that this is a huge step forward, we also have some concerns.

For example, in Istanbul there’s still no difference noticeable. Spreading the concept and accepting the Neuter and Return program is still going to be a long and difficult road.

Also the penalties and the enforcing of the new Law are not clear.

Furthermore we are quite concerned about the faith of the possibly thousands and thousands of dogs spread among several dog compounds trying to survive there.

We welcome this new Animal Protection Law with open arms but we will keep on top of things to make sure changes are really made and the Law will be as clear as possible for all concerned.


News regarding the law

In June 2006 was the law published in all the official Turkish newspapers, and is thereby now in force. Clearly stated within the law is the designation of responsibility.

With regard to the problem of stray dogs the law states the following for all local government:

Every (borough)council must have an animal shelter. These shelters must meet a number of standards that provide humane conditions for the animals housed there. They may no longer be used as life-long prisons for the animals, but only as a place where the animals can recover from a surgical sterilisation.

All stray animals must be sterilised, vaccinated and fitted with a microchip. After sterilisation the animal will stay at the shelter to recover and be offered for adoption. If after 10 days the animal has not been adopted it must be returned and released in the area from which it was taken.

What will happen to the tens of thousands of dogs that are now in shelters is not clear. It is also unclear what will happen to dogs who due to ill health are unable to be released.

The boroughs in Istanbul put out a bid for tender. Companies could bid for the right to exploit a shelter in that borough, and to provide a sterilisation service for the dogs. In a number of boroughs commercial companies have won the tender


1. Pet owners have to register their dogs with the municipality.
2. To prevent uncontrolled births, the animals have to be nuetered.
3. Outside of private premises, dog owners must collect the faeces left by their dog.
4. Dog barking must be controlled so as not to disturb neighbours.
5 Dogs must be kept on a leash in public places.
6. Dogs must not be allowed to roam, whether by day or night.
7. Every animal must be under veterinary control for health reasons.


According to Animal Protection Law 5199 failure to observe the above regulations will result in penalties.

As well as being sent to the dog owners, the letter is to be forwarded to all the National Parks depts in Turkey and they will work with their municipalities to publish and circulate this information in their areas.

November 2008
The comprehensive amendment package of the 5199 Animal Protection Act has now been officially submitted by a member of parliament to the Turkish parliament. The package includes, among other things,
1. that cruelty toward animals cease to be a misdemeanour and be considered a crime
2. a 10 year halt on the import of animals to Turkey
3. that the difference in the law between owned vs. stray animal be abolished