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Dogs looking for friends

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Paula and Danka

Service dog Danka

Hi everyone,

I received an E-mail from Mieke Rolloos. She asked me to write something about my service dog Danka.

My service dog Danka is a black Labrador. She is four years old.

Danka is a service dog and she helps me with everything. For example:

Taking off my coat, getting the laundry in and out of the machine, opening and shutting doors, taking covers off the bed, taking off clothes and shoes, pushing the elevator button, grocery shopping: handing over my wallet at the cash register, picking up things that have fallen to the floor, and even peeling bananas!

Without her I would have to ask everyone to do things for me. Now that she is with me I am much less dependent on others for help. She is not only my “help”, but also my buddy and my child. I have written a poem about her. You can find it below.

You cannot pet Danka, because then she’ll get distracted and won’t be alert enough to be able to help me.

All commands I give her are in English, so that others won’t be able to give her a command. Just me.


Paula Verhagen & service dog Danka


Dear Danka,

Now that you are here
When you look into my eyes the world seems to stop turning.
The wind stops blowing and frozen is the moon
You shine like the sun You are perfect, so naked and small
And for a little while, the world seems to be perfect
I didn’t know that after one glance
I’d love you this much
But I’ve already forgotten what it was like to live without you
I was blind to so many essential things until now
And suddenly, now that you’re here,
I can see them clearly.
O, I hope I can give you what you’re giving to me
As long as I live…I will always stand by you
And I hope that someday you’ll feel
What I feel now
What I mean and what I can’t express in words
When you’re lying in my arms and look at me so satisfied
I seem to forget everything that’s waiting for me out there
All of my struggles and all of my tears
All silent pain disappears
And just for a moment the world seems to be normal to me.

Much love, your boss and pal Paula