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As well as all sorts of (religious) misconceptions and a lack of correct information, ignorance and an unfounded fear of dogs are also often a reason why stray dogs are being killed and/or abused.

Especially the fear of Rabies is deeply rooted in Turkey .

However, fear is a bad adviser and should never be a reason to kill or abuse any living creature.

The following data, regarding the occurrence of Rabies in Turkey , is publicised by the WHO (World health Organisation).
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The chart above shows there is indeed still Rabies in Turkey and that dogs contaminated with the virus have been found. However, the number of infected dogs is so small, that the extreme fear of contamination is unfounded.

In comparison, below you will find a chart with the data concerning Europe as a whole.

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What is Rabiës?


Rabiës is a viral disease which spreads through the saliva of infected animals.


At this moment, bats are the main source responsable for spreading the virus.


The virus will affect the central nervous system which will cause paralysis and eventually can cause death. Even before the symptoms of the disease are showing, an animal can be carrier of the virus. But only during the active stage, meaning only when the animal is already showing symptoms of the disease, the virus can be transmitted.


The symptoms are:


– excessive production of saliva


– behavioural changes


– paralysis






Usually the straydogs caught during a Neuter and Release campaign, will be vaccinated against rabiës before they are released again. All the more reason to strongly support the Neuter and Release principle.


The vaccination of privately owned pets is a necessity in countries where the Rabiës virus is still occuring. As well as the vaccination of the stray animals, since this is the only way to exterminate rabiës in any (stray) dog population and therefore to protect humans as well against the contamination.


Even though rabiës is found mostly among wildlife, it is highly recommended to vaccinate all dogs against rabiës in case they do get in contact with a contaminated bat or fox. Once vaccinated, the dogs cannot become contaminated anymore and therefore they cannot contaminate humans anymore. Vaccination is the only method available to create a rabiës free (stray) dog population.


Humans can be cured as long as the virus has not reached the nerve tracts yet. So should you be bitten by an animal which may be contaminated with the virus, do not hesitate and seek medical attention right away.