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Pets in hot weather

hond_pakt_riem Summertime! It’s time to play and have fun in the sun! But sometimes it’s not so fun for pets. Here are some tips on how to make the summer a fun time for your pets as well.Bring your pets indoors when it is too hot and always make sure there is plenty of cold, fresh water. .

In really hot weather, keep the walks short. Remember, the hot asphalt can actually cause burns on your dogs paws.

Do not play and exercise with your animal during an extremely hot day, play and exercise when it is cooler, like in the early morning or during the evenings. Never play with your animal right after a meal or in hot weather..


Keep older and obese pets indoors when the temperature rises, high temperatures put an extra strain on these animals.Never leave your dog, cat, or any other animal friend alone in a car! The inside of a car can heat up very quickly — even with a window a little open — and your animal will suffer and could die in a very short time. If you should take your animal friends with you on a trip, be sure to carry plenty of fresh, cold water.

If you take your pooch to the beach, make sure he has a place to rest away from the sun, and give him plenty of fresh water to drink. Remember to rinse him off if he takes a dip in the ocean.

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