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Do you own a dog or a cat? If you got if from a shelter, either from your own country or from abroad, you’re pretty smart!!

Shelters everywhere are packed with a wide range of all kinds of animals, from the sweetest, purring adult cat to the most active, playful kitten and from a cute, waddling pup to a kind, tailwagging adult dog.

Do you ever wonder where all these animals in the shelters come from? Sometimes people want their dog or cat to have a litter and when they can’t find homes for the pups or kittens, they bring them to the shelter. Other times it’s because a pet gets lost and is found roaming the streets. These pets are sometimes brought to a shelter but also some of these pets stay out on the streets. Life out on the streets can be really tough on animals. They don’t get regular meals nor love and attention like your pet does. If they get sick there’s no one that takes them to a vet. They do not have a warm soft bed to sleep on when it’s getting cold outside. Life on the streets is in fact so hard that the stray dogs usually don’t live longer then 5 years. .


The worst is when a stray animal mates and has babies because these babies too are facing a rough life out on the streets. Cats can have babies when they are only 3 months old and dogs can have babies when they are just 6 months old. So imagine, a cat that could have babies every 3 months, that’s 4 times a year!! If 1 cat would have 6 babies every 3 months again for 5 years in a row… can you imagine how many babies there will be born in this period?
Does it seem to you that there are too many pets and too little good homes? You are right! And this is how overpopulation is explained.
There are many groups working together to try and stop this overpopulation…and you can help too!! Read on, learn and participate!

What you can do to help stop this pet overpopulation?


-Is your pet spayed or neutered? Vets will perform this procedure on cats, dogs and rabbits to prevent them from having babies. If your pet has not had this procedure, you can talk to your parents and explain to them why it is so important to have this procedure done.
Spaying is for female pets and the neutering is for the male pets. If you did the math on the question above about the cats, then you’ll know how many lives of pets are saved by these procedures)

– Read more about spaying and neutering on www.ASPCA.org

-Become a volunteer to help elderly or sick people to take care of their pet. You can help with, for example, taking their dog for a walk or clean the cat’s box. Just think: your help may just be the reason someone isn’t forced to give up their pet to a shelter. (note: always make sure you do this with your parents permission!)

– You could ask at your local shelter if they could use a volunteer your age. Also you could try and raise towels and blankets for the animals in the shelter, they would really love to sleep on it! Or why not bake a cake and sell it so you can donate the money you have earned to your local shelter or an Animal Protection Organisation which supports spaying and neutering pets.

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