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SHKD-shelter and neutering

The foundation of and the current activities of the S.H.K.D.(organization for the benefit of homeless animals)

Prior to the foundation of the S.H.K.D., its current chairman Robert Smith was a well-known and active supporter of animal shelters and other organizations involved in finding a solution to the stray dog problems in Istanbul. After several years in Istanbul he concluded that the various organizations were not able or willing to cooperate and therefore the stray dog problem was not being addressed at its root cause.

He then decided to found the S.H.K.D, their aim: to educate and convince both the population and local government, as well as the various organizations already involved in the plight of the stray dogs, that the Neuter and Release Program is the only effective way to achieve the ultimate structural reduction of the number of stray dogs in Istanbul .
The S.H.K.D. negotiated contracts with the various communities within Istanbul with regard to the sterilization of street/stray dogs (check: Neuter and Release). Also taking on neutering numerous dogs in the many shelters free of charge, all cost borne by the S.H.K.D.
Moreover the S.H.K.D. has contributed as much as they possibly could to the vaccination of the dogs in various shelters.
It is a process of trial and error, of negotiating new contracts and canceling existing contracts. The road is not only long; it is a road more difficult than initially expected.
It turned out to be much more difficult than expected to change the mentality of the government and the general population, unfortunately the road before us still stretches far ahead. As dogs are being neutered in one community, the community next to it starts dumping dogs. The vacuum is immediately filled by other dogs, as the number of stray dogs continuously adapts to the living space and the quantity of food (read: garbage) available in a certain area.
In effect what is needed is an agreement with all the communities of Istanbul, a city equal in size to the province of Utrecht (NL), the number of inhabitants a staggering 8.000.0000 people. Completed by the horrific number of 150.000 stray dogs.

Currently the S.H.K.D. main activities and expenditures are focused on:

The care of the dogs in the forest shelter

The care of hundreds of dogs roaming the forests outside of the shelter

 The organization of sterilization campaigns in different areas of Turkey, with financial support of the Dutch foundation ActieZwerfhonden

Bringing about a mentality change and rally support for the Neuter and Release principal

 Organizing and executing tuition at schools on how to respectfully handle (stray) animals

In spite of all their efforts over the past 6 years, the S.H.K.D. has not been able to accomplish their goal of a large-scale execution of the Neuter and Release Program.
However, all the neighboring communities are now convinced according to their official statements that the poisoning actions are not a solution to the stray dog problem. The question of either replacing the dogs into their natural habitat or locking them up in animal unworthy shelters after neutering remains a hot topic of debate at present.
The current situation is such, that stray dogs are still caught by inexperienced dogcatchers using Lyctenon to sedate the dogs so they can be caught easily. Lyctenon is a poison which causes paralysis of the muscles; 99% of the dogs caught with Lyctenon, die due to the consequences of the use of Lyctenon.
All animal protection organizations are currently exerting pressure on the various communities to truly get started with the Neuter and Release Program.

The future lies with the youth. So publicity at schools is of the utmost importance.

As a sequel to a lesson given by Murat Bekhan at their school, children of the Egitim School paid a visit to the shelter in the woods and brought four dog kennes with them they had made themselves.




People of the SHKD are also visiting schools to teach the children the love for the dogs.