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Dogs looking for friends

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7/6 Albanie

Right after World Stray Animal Day on April 4th the Animal Foundation Platform pointed out a cry for help coming from the organization committee of World Stray Animal Day. The mayor of the Albanese village Prrenjas was about to give the order to shoot 60 dogs living in the village. One lonely animal rights activist, Pezana Rexha, could not let this happen. For months she was trying to convince the mayor through her small organization Animal Rights Albania (the only animal rights organization in the country) that a profound CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccination & Return) policy in every respect would be the best solution; more ethnical, more effective and more durable. She worked out every aspect of her plan, but this would cost money and she could not convince the mayor to finance it. She had already done all she could in order to gather the 2400 euro herself, but only was able to raise half. Highly admirable as 1200 euro is a lot of money in Albania, and even more admirable considering that the poor inhabitants of Prrenjas are reluctant to spend money on stray dogs. The majority of the population treats the dogs well, but turn their heads and close their eyes every summer when dogs are being shot by bastards (earning one euro per dog..) which is a common practice in Albania.


Normally Albania is not within the working rage of the StraydogsCampaign Foundation. However  when we were discussing the possibilities of financing the CNVR campaign in Prrenjas with the Team Stray Animal Day, we were touched by the pictures of Dürres, the second largest city of Albania. We witnessed heart rending images of the shooting in the middle of the night of over a thousand dogs in one weekend, including defenseless puppies and good-natured kind community-dogs (dogs being cared for by the community). We really wanted to save the dogs of Prrenjas in undergoing the same fate. Therefore we decided to contribute 400 euro. Together with the 800 euro collected by the Team Stray Animal Day, the campaign in Prrenjas could begin. This way we were able to prevent the mayor giving the order to shoot the dogs of Prrenjas.


At the moment the campaign is well underway and proving to be a big success. Half of the dogs have been neutered and vaccinated. These dogs received an obvious earmark and a colored collar. This way the inhabitants can tell that a dog is friendly and carrying no diseases. Once the campaign started the mayor also came to take a look, and he was very pleasantly surprised about the procedure and results.


The dogs are spending the nights in a closed area of the park. We have come to the agreement with the inhabitants that all dogs need to be closed in at night; either on someone’s own terrain or in the closed area of the park. The residents will bring the community dogs to the closed area every evening. ARA will also educate inhabitants in order to change the negative opinions about stray dogs and to teach the inhabitants how to associate with the animals.


We are extremely grateful for the donations you have made to the StraydogsCampaign Foundation! Without your support the dogs in Prrenjas would be dead now. Together with Team Stray Animal Day and the Animal Foundation Platform we will keep on supporting Animal Rights Albania in promoting this success in all of Albania. Hopefully this will lead to a modern and humane policy for dealing with stray animals in the whole country.


Everyone gives a heping hand

Przana assists the vet neutering a dog