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Mudurnu 2016/2017


Mudurnu is a district located approx. 300 kilometres east of Istanbul. Bolu is the capital of Mudurn

There are about 250 stray dogs and 150 stray cats. As Mudurnu has no shelter, the inhabitants are used to living with these strays.

As there are no volunteers to help, no surgery room and no care facilities, this campaign will take a few days to complete. The municipality does have a contract with a private vet, who cares for injured animals.

We feel good about helping these animals living so freely in Mudurnu.

The municipality signed a contract guaranteeing cooperation and safety of the dogs. They will provide a room for surgery and a room for pre- and aftercare. And they will also provide a car and assistance in catching the dogs. And they will make sure all inhabitants know they can also bring in their pet for spaying/neutering at no costs. Finally, they will provide food for the animals, as well as shelter and food for our team.

October 12, 2016

Our team, led by vet Murat Bekhan, visited Mudurnu in the Northwest of Turkey from October 1st to October 10th, to spay/neuter dogs as well as cats.

The professional dogcatcher arrived on October 1st and started catching dogs immediately. Members of HAYTAP came to help by catching the cats. Para vets Ömer and Hüseyin arrived on October 4th and vets Murat and Necdet on October 5th.  The surgeries were performed from October 6th to 9th. The mayor of Mudurnu proves to be a great man. He came to visit maybe ten times to see how the project was going. He shares our vision that spaying/neutering and returning the animals into their own territory is the only way to reduce the number of strays.

The only issue, is that the municipality is rather poor.

All the members of our team have wonderful stories about the inhabitants, mostly bringing female dogs and cats in for surgery as they believe male dogs and cats should not be neutered. Most dogs were healthy. So Murat believes the dogs are better off by bringing them back into their territory rather than putting them in a dog shelter. Two dogs were not fit enough for surgery. We therefore provided medicine to some inhabitants who will care for them. Murat will keep in touch with these animal friends, as well as with the local vet Mr Ibrahim Dursun.

The cats were overall in better condition. They are struggling less as Mudurnu has a lot of chicken farms and the inhabitants are more tolerant to cats. There was a small setback when the 12-year-old autoclave (pressure cooker used to sterilize medical instruments) broke down. Replacing this device is going to cost a lot of money.

We performed surgeries on 329 animals, of which 238 dogs (193 female and 45 male dogs). Of these 238 dogs, 159 were not even a year old, 57 were one to three years old and 22 were older.

17 of the 193 female dogs were pregnant.

11 dogs had mange (scabies). Not one dog had Parvo or distemper. One of the dogs had a broken paw, so Necdet took it in to perform surgery on this paw.

83 of the 91 cats were female cats. Not one of them was pregnant. 28 of them were under the age of one year and 63 were between one and three years old.

Also two vets were trained during this project, Mr Ibrahim Dursun and Mr Fatih Tinmaz. One female vet, Ms Sibel Efe, studied the surgeries but did not (yet) wanted to perform surgery herself.

Mr Ibrahim Dursun is now capable in the so-called keyhole technique and very enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately, due to bureaucracy, the municipality can only hire him for a few hours a week. Besides working for the municipality, he also has his own clinic and spends a lot of his time treating and healing farm animals. The mayor promised to look for a solution.

Mr Fatih Tinmaz appears to have a natural talent. He only just finished school but Murat claims he has never had such a good pair of helping hands in Turkey. Mr Tinmaz never performed the keyhole technique before this project, but did not need a lot of guidance to learn this. His family owns a farm and his wish is to dedicate his work to farm animals. Murat advised him not to waste such a talent and that he should focus on pets due to his accuracy and precision.

After finishing this project the municipality of Mudurnu provided a full tank of fuel for Murat and the members of HAYTAP.

We are looking back on another successful campaign.

Now, we are investigating the possibility to spay/neuter another 250 dogs so not one fertile dog will be left. At the moment we do not have sufficient funds for this, so we can really use your kind donations!



We will mainly be neutering male dogs during the second campaign in the villages around Mudurnu as th inhabitants mainly care for male dogs.

March 28th 2017

The weather is finally on the mend so today our team began the second round of neutering/spaying in Mudurnu.

April 2017

We returned from Mudurnu, where we performed 253 surgeries.


217 dogs;

Gender:                              173 females and 44 males

Age:                                      163 were younger than 1

                                               29 were between 1 and 3 years old

                                               25 were older than 3

With young:                       78 dogs were with young, most of them only in an early stage of pregnancy

Failed surgeries:              4 dogs have had previous failed surgeries (failed castration or failed removal of ovaries, etc.)

Health:                                 most dogs were healthy and vivid enough for surgery, 7 dogs suffered from mange, we did not discover any distemper or parva.


One of the dogs, a husky, was handicapped. We brought him to the SHKD Hasdal, because Damla and Omer offered to have a specialist examine the dog. If his chances are positive, we will go ahead and treat him. However, if his chances of survival are too low, they will put him to sleep. For now we are giving it a go, but I fear we will have to put him to sleep.


36 cats; (payed for by the municipality of Mudurnu)

Gender:                              33 females and 3 males

With young:                       9

Health:                                 almost all cats were healthy

Age:                                      26 cats were younger than 1

                                               all other cats were between 1 and 3 years old


Sadly, one of the dogs died during surgery. We already feared this would happen. He had a gangrene ailment on his left pay. Therefore, we had to amputate the paw. During surgery, we also encountered a tumour. Just before we were ready to decide to put him to sleep, he died spontaneously.


We also trained the local vet. Unfortunately, he is not very passionate 🙁 He only watched us do the work and refused to practise himself. So, we will not be asking him for help.


We already have enough funds to pay for the Mudurnu campaign, so we will not be needing any financial support this time.


The total number of surgeries (neutering/spaying) in Mudurnu as from now: 326 + 253 = 579 animals.