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Dogs looking for friends

IBAN NL62INGB0004011891 BIC / SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A ING Bank-Amsterdam. ActieZwerfhonden Zonnemaire The Netherlands


Cengiz Bayram As a chair man of the board of CAHİDE,we thank you very much for your effort. Our organization seems like a municipality. We have a clinic three animal ambulance,8000m2 shelter and 16 food points for non-owner street animals. one of the most important problem of us was the sterilisation of the animals. You helped us Thank you


As requested by the animal welfare society Cahide, 150 dogs and 150 cats from the adjacent municipality of Kilis will be spayed/neutered. The society’s vet and a few local vets will be trained in applying the so-called key hole technique. Using this technique is less damaging for the animal and the risk of infection decreases.

A contract containing everyone’s rights and duties has been signed between our foundation, Cahide and the mayor of Kilis.

Our “investigators” travelled to Gaziantep on February 20, to prepare this campaign.

For training purposes, we will also spay/neuter cats.

Our negotiations with SHKD team to start a neutering campaign for stray dogs of GAziantep has been finished. on 21-21-22 February SHKD team, headed by volunteer vet Murat Bekhan and sponsored by Dutch Actiezwerfhonden organisaton will be our quests. They will neuter cats and dogs in Karakiz shelter. CAts and dogs that we look after in streets will be neutered freely. For this you have to call Ms. Demet from tel  and make an appointment. The vets will give training about “key hole” technique during operations.

We thank Dutch Actiezwerfhonden Organisation which has undertook all the financial responsibility of the project and SHKD team.

CAhide, GAziantep.

It announces that cats will be neutered on 22,23 Feb. and ask people to bring them to Karakiz shelter in boxes.

Neutering operations at Karakiz continues until late hours. Tomorrow is the last day. The vets are working with devotion, breathlessly and with utmost care and with success. And also with love. GAziantep Pati Veterinary clinic, VEt 27 and Kilis municipality is attending the training. We thank from the bottom of our hearts to all vets who came from such a long distance to help our little friends. Neutering will continue for cats tomorrow. Cahide, GAziantep.


We back from gaziantep&kilis ,

Total number of the operations is 317
166 dogs .
Sex : 151 female + 15 male
Age : younger then 1 year old 63
Age younger then 3 years old 81
Age : older then 3 years old 22

Pregnancy : 11
Wrong opertion before us (half neuther or left ovari ect ect : 13

Helth : Most of the dogs were helty enough for opertaion fed enough ,
1 male dog had erlishia , 1 male dog has demodex ,
1 female dog had entropium on his eye lish ( we operate her )
there was no distemper or parva .
there was 27 dogs who had handicap on diffrent legs .

110 dogs from kilis shelter only 2 of them were male . non of them had half operation .
the other 46 dogs from Cahide shelter

Cats 151 cats
Sex 138 of them were female the rest were male
pregnancy 23
helath . Nearly all was so haelty ,
two of them had handıcap on their leg
One cat had one bilind eye .

We did train the 5 vets
From Gaziantep
Mr .Metin toy
Mrs. Meltem Peri
Mrs.İlkay inanc
Mr Serhat Erdal
From kilis
Mr. Kadir İlker AVCI