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Dogs looking for friends

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Murat Bekhan consulted the animal friends in Gaziantep.

Gaziantep is a city located in the southeast of Turkey. It is a large city close to the Syrian border. The local animal protection organization is named Cahide and is connected to Haytap, which is the Turkish federation of animal welfare organizations.

Cahide has its own shelter, named Karakiz (a popular Turkish name for a female dog), where they care for Gaziantep

handicapped dogs. They have a close relationship with the municipality of Gaziantep. Cahide has its own vet and the municipality also has two vets. These vets are able to spay/neuter, but are not skilful enough. So they requested our help in training five vets during a neutering campaign. The number of fertile dogs in the local shelter and the Cahide shelter is so high, that we can help no less than 150 dogs (most female dogs). A number of these dogs are handicapped and will therefore not be released after surgery. But the healthy dogs will be.


A contract has been drawn up between three parties: – Dr. Murat Bekhan, on behalf of the StraydogsCampaign Foundation; – Cengiz Bayram, Chairman of and on behalf of Cahide; – Mr. Kadir Iker AVCI, Head of veterinary services on behalf of the municipality of Kilis.

The undersigned declare that the StraydogsCampaign Foundation will finance spaying/neutering of 150 dogs and 150 cats. A number of these dogs and cats come from the Cahide shelter, others come from the local shelter of Kilis and some are strays. After surgery 50 handicapped dogs will remain in the Cahide shelter (an open shelter where dogs can live in packs in a wide area). The 100 female dogs from the Kilis shelter will be released, after spaying them, in packs of about 5 to 10 dogs in the surrounding area outside the Cahide shelter. There is no other place to release these dogs and the Cahide shelter is not a decent place to live for a healthy dog. Dr Murat Bekhan will be responsible for the surgeries, as well as training the local vets. Huseyin Basaran will be responsible for catching the dogs, by training the local dogcatchers together with Murat Bekhan. Mr Huseyin will also train the employees of the shelter how to properly look after the dogs before and after surgery.

The municipality will make sure:

  • There is food available for the animals, from a few days before surgery until 3 to 5 days after;
  • Both shelters will be disinfected before the campaign starts;
  • Shelter and food will be available for the medical team;
  • There will be cars, fuel and staff available for catching and placing back the dogs;
  • All animals will be registered and, after surgery, will be brought back to the area they were caught or released into surrounding area outside the Cahide shelter (an area with enough resources for the dogs to live). The exact where, when and why will all be explained to the volunteers, the employees, the municipality and the local population;
  • Animal owners can have their pet(s) spayed/neutered at no costs.

The municipality hereby declares:

  • All spayed/neutered healthy animals will be released/placed back and the spayed/neutered sick or handicapped dogs will remain in the Cahide shelter;
  • They will continue the neutering campaign after we leave, to keep the stray population under control. They will care for the animals and will not kill, imprison or dump them somewhere else;
  • They will continue to register the animals and send us new numbers on a regular base so we can inform our donors.

This contract is not limited by a time limit.


Cahide, Gaziantep.

Cahide has announced to be spaying/neutering cats on February 22nd and 23rd. Cat owners will be asked to bring their cat(s) to the Karakiz shelter in their own cage.


On February 23, the chairman of Cahide wrote: We continued spaying/neutering animals in Karakiz until late at night. Tomorrow will be the last day. All vets are very dedicated and are working extremely hard and with most care and success. And, especially, with a lot of love. The animal clinic in Gaziantep, Vet 27 and doctors from the municipality of Kilis are being trained. We are so very thankful that these vets are helping our little friends with such care, even though many of them have to travel a long distance…


On February 24, Murat wrote:

Dear Linda and Nathalie,

We returned from Gaziantep and Kilis.

We were able to spay/neuter 317 animals: 166 dogs and 151 cats. All animals were also dewormed and vaccinated against rabies.

166 dogs total: 151 female + 15 male 63 younger than 1 year old 81 younger than 3 years old 22 older than 3 years

11 of the 151 female dogs were pregnant. 13 female dogs showed to have been spayed, but not correctly (ovaries were not removed or the uterus was only removed partially).

Most dogs were healthy and fed well, so able to withstand surgery, but: 1 male dog had Erlishia , 1 male dog has Demodex; 1 female dog had Entropium on her eyelid (we performed a surgery on her eyelid); There was no Distemper or Parva; There were 27 dogs who had a handicap on one or more legs.

We have spayed/neutered a total of 56 dogs from the Cahide shelter. 31 of them are handicapped.

The dogs of Kilis 25 dogs were returned to Kilis; they are young and strong enough to survive. The other dogs will be released in the area outside the Cahide shelter. This area has the capacity to support these dogs and the employees of the Cahide shelter will be able to keep an eye on them. Returning 25 dogs to Kilis was my suggestion. I believe that if we fill the carrying capacity of that area, there will be no space for new stray dogs to settle there. I therefore selected the dogs following their gender, age, health and the time they were already living in Kilis. There were only 2 male dogs amongst the 110 dogs from Kilis.

151 cats were spayed/neutered. Most of them are strays, only a few have an owner.. 39 cats were younger than 1 year old and the others were 1 t 3 year old. Almost all cats were in good health, besides 2 with a handicap on one of the legs and 1 with a blind eye.

We trained 5 vets: From Gaziantep;            Mr.Metin toy                                            Mrs. Meltem Peri                                            Mrs. İlkay inanc                                            Mr Serhat Erdal

From Kilis;                        Mr. Kadir İlker AVCI

The cost of this campaign: € 9.945,-


Cahide As the chairman of the board of CAHIDE, we are deeply thankful for all of your efforts. Our organization sometimes seems to be a municipality on its own; with an animal clinic, three ambulances for animals, 8.000 square meter of shelter and 16 feeding locations for stray animals. One of the biggest problems for us was to spay/neuter the animals. You have really helped us, thank you so much! Cengiz Bayram