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Erdek 2016

Erdek, a district in the province Balikesir, is located at the Turkish-Aegean coast approx. 360 km southwest of Istanbul, counting approx. 50.000 inhabitants

In 2010 we organized a neutering campaign there and trained the municipal vet

Since then the situation stabilised and the population of stray dogs was kept under control. That is, until the vet found another job and left. Now, the municipality is working with private vets on a contract basis to make sure sick and injured animals receive help. Unfortunately, this means neutering/spaying animals is not being done efficiently anymore, and the population of strays is growing again

This is why the municipality of Erdek asked us to organize another large-scale neutering campaign

We already had an exploratory discussion and signed the contract. As you know the StraydogsCampaign Foundation is working on a contract basis nowadays. This contract needs to be signed by the major in order to guarantee the safety of the animals and our staff, and register everyone’s duties and obligations

Our team  left for Erdek first of November.



Dogcatcher Muzaffer will leave for Erdek on November 2nd.

The Turkish federation of animal welfare organizations Haytap will pay for his salary and the tranquilizers, as we do not have any funds at the moment.

Omer and Huseyin will come to assist him on November 5th. Murat Necdet and voluntary vet Tamer Türkmen will be spaying/neutering the animals from November 7th till the 9th.

If there are also al lot of cats in need of spaying/neutering, Haytap will pay for an extra day in order to help the cats as well.

Work in Erdek is coming along great. 172 dogs were spayed/neutered in two days’ time. Many of these dogs were already pregnant. And, sadly, two dogs have died.

A vet from Bodrum joined the team in Erdek, to learn how to apply the so-called keyhole technique. He proves to be a true animal friend with “fantastic hands” as Murat describes.

We are sure to be able to spay/neuter the 250 dogs we intended, and therewith control the population of strays in Erdek. I am proud of our men.

behandeling-met-demodex-oil chillende-honden sengul-en-miskin-aan-het-spelen toediening-van-vitaminen-door-turqay-1

The campaign went well and we are proud to share the results.

 The neutering of 50 cats was funded by Haytap.

Gender                                :              193 female dogs + 53 male dogs

Age                                       :              201 animals younger than 1 year

                                                               34 animals from 1 to 3 years of age

                                                               11 animals older than 3 years

Pregnant females            :              67


Most dogs were well-fed and healthy enough to undergo surgery. 9 dogs had mange. We did not detect any dogs with distemper or Parvo.

There were 4 handicapped dogs. We brought these dogs to the forest shelter because the shelter in Erdek has no room for dogs at the time. These dogs will be included in the Friends project.

Sadly 2 female dogs of approx. 2 years old dogs died shortly after receiving the anaesthetics. There must have been something wrong with them, as their body did not tolerate the anaesthetic.

We trained two vets. The third vet was rather useless unfortunately, as he did not do much to help.

Mr. Tamer Türkmen works for the municipality of Bodrum and can now perform the so-called keyhole technique by himself.

Next year the municipality of Erdek is planning on hiring a new vet. This vet will also be trained during one of our campaigns or by Necdet in the municipality of Sisli.

PS: another 50 cats were spayed/neutered at Haytap’s costs.