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Cunda 2013/2014/2015

Pictures Cunda
Update October 2015  scroll down

In 2013, 2014, 2015 we neutered   1274 Cunda cat, 163 Cunda dog and 1752 Ayvalik dogs.


Please support us financially, we do want to help all 1200 dogs of Ayvalik and, if possible also some from the neighbor billages
Overloading you with sad pictures is not our poliy, but believe me the only solution for a straydog overpopulation is to neuter themallit prevents them from being killed and it prevents unwanted puppies to be born to die before age 1.

How it all started in 2013


We (StrayDogsCampaign Foundation) received a request from the (peninsula) island of Cunda, Turkey. They are having enormous problems as to the population of stray cats, counting over 200 fertile cats. They asked us if we could help in spaying/neutering the cats.

The cost of this campaign is estimated at 5100 euro and it has to be done soon, before the kittens will be born in spring. From origin, the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation focuses on helping dogs, however…we do not want to ignore such a problem. All the more, because sterilizing a complete population of cats on a (peninsula) island will be highly successful due to the lack of newcomers. Of course, we also want to spay/neuter the (stray) dogs while we are there.

Unfortunately, we are running out of finances after donating (equipment for) the surgery room in Tatvan (read more about this success story of Tatvan). We have about 2000 euro left and I am now trying hard to find donors (public/business).


We received 403 euro from donations, which I can understand in these financial hard times, but it would be so great if we could finance this project. The vets and veterinary technicians have already given up the salary they would otherwise receive for such a campaign…


Please, support us by making a donation and thereby enabling us to spay/neuter all stray animals living on the (peninsula) island of Cunda!

Update 9/22

As it is of the utmost importance to manage the population of stray animals, we will be spaying/neutering about 150 cats as from September 21st; newcomers as well as cats that could not be spayed/neutered earlier because of their young age.

On 9/21 Our team manage to neuter 91 cat and 8 dogs.


Donations are more than welcome: account number 4011891, beneficiary “Stichting ActieZwerfhonden” mentioning Cunda (or through: 4just1 The Crowdfunding Network).


As a thank-you we are giving out charms to anyone donating 15 euro or more. Anyone who donates 25 euro or more will receive a painting, if desired, from the Happy Animals series  on payment of the forwarding-charges *(http://winkelenbijactiezwerfhonden.nl/?page=browse&action=list&group=4&cat=33) and anyone who donates 100 euro or more will receive a painting, if desired, from Yby Potlach  on payment of the forwarding-charges (http://winkelenbijactiezwerfhonden.nl/?page=browse&action=list&group=4&cat=13) and while stocks last.


Time is pressing, the first spring kittens will be born shortly!




Great news for the stray animals of Cunda: a wonderful donor stepped up and offered to complete the funds we were still missing for the Cunda-campaign!

Murat is packing his bags and the first animals will be spayed/neutered on Tuesday!

Our funds are now completely drained and we still have 4 requests for neutering campaigns waiting. Your donations are more than welcome.


Donating money for neutering campaigns does not appeal to many people; you will not see a quick result, you only see that a healthy dog is being spayed/neutered. However, spaying/neutering means getting to the root of the problem and solving it there; preventing animal suffering and dealing with the problem in a structural and humane way. By supporting our neutering campaigns, no matter how small the amount donated, you are helping us in preventing animal suffering for many years to come, which will change the lives of thousands of dogs.


Our guys are really terrific! They did not stop working for a minute today, until 21:00 hours. Today they neutered total of 188 animals, 40 of them dogs and 78 cats. I am proud of them!

We also should not forget the volunteers that caught all these animals!


Thank-you note from animal friends in Cunda


Dear Ms. Linda Taal,


Again you enabled us to spay/neuter  82 cats and 3 dogs on April 17 2013.


We are so very thankful that you made it possible for us to help the stray animals of Cunda, which there are a lot of.


Our thanks also goes out to the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation.


The vets as well as the SHKD team were very loving and engaged in the work.


Again, thank you all so much and we are looking forward to future cooperation.


Society of animal rights Ayvalik Cunda

President, Ms. Hilal Uslu

Secretary, Ms. Gulnihal Balci





Update October 2013


We were originally asked to spay/neuter 200 cats and 25 dogs, but the stray population appears to be much larger than we expected.


Until now we were able to spay/neuter 343 cats and 88 dogs in 3 trips time. We expect that there are still about 450 fertile cats and 75 fertile dogs roaming the streets.


Taking the weather conditions into account (in winter the immune system of the animals is just too low to release them after surgery and in summer the high temperatures pose a threat to infections) and the number of animals we can catch and care for each trip (Cunda has no shelter; the animals are being caught by volunteers, treated in a temporary operating-room and provided aftercare in a basement), we still need to make 5 trips.


We hope to be able to make these trips in October, November, March 2014, April 2014 and May 2014.


At the end, the total costs for spaying/neutering all animals on the island will be around 12.600 euro. We now have enough funds to be able to finance the first 3 trips. We are encouraged to start planning these first trips and hope to gather enough funds in the meantime to finance the remaining trips.


By spaying/neutering all dogs and cats living on Cunda, we hope to set an example for the Turkish government and show them that catching, spaying/neutering and releasing stray animals indeed contributes to putting a stop to the overpopulation of strays.

Octobre 2013
The animal welfare organisation of Cunda wrote us the number of cats in Cunda has really diminished after our neutering campaigns and the health of the cat has improved!
They are asking for our help to neuter the cats that couldn’t be caught during previous campaigns and their offspring as well as cats left behind by summer tourists, and so turn Cunda into an example for animal welfare in Turkey.
The also informed us a foreign foundation that took care of the stray- and shelter dogs of Ayvalik (close to Cunda) quit. 75 Unneutered dogs will surely create a new stray dog problem if not neutered soon.
We will do ou utmost to neuter these dogs as well.



Update November 20, 2013


What a team. Murat and his team, including two more vets and two assistants, left for Cunda on the evening of November 19. On the 20th they managed to help 127 cats and 19 dogs. What a big step forward!

Update December 5..2013

Oh men wat an achievement, 2 days, 2 vet, 122 cat and 25 dogs neutered! It s coing to be allright in Cunda!
Message from vet Murat Bekhan who just returned from Cunda. The total amount spayed/neutered animals: 122 cats and 25 dogs. There were 8 male dogs and approx. 15 male cats. Not one of the cats was expecting (Linda, this means the campaign is already taking on effect). The most dogs unfortunately were expecting. The weather was bad; not so cold, but there was a strong wind. Only a small number of volunteers was present, probably due to the weather conditions. Gulnihal, volunteer in charge of catching and caring for the cats, found an old home in which the cats can stay a few days for aftercare. All cats and dogs we spayed/neutered earlier are in good health! Next campaign wil be on december 22nd..

Update 12-25-2013

While we are having Chritsmastime our team in Turkey neutered 125 cats in Cunda and 100 dogs in Ayvalik.

Update March 19 2014

On March 15 and 16 we spayed/neutered the remaining 125 fertile cats on Cunda, who were old enough for this. We will return again in autumn to spay/neuter newly dumped cats or cats who were still to young this spring.

Update April 13th 2014

I just got a message from Murat; today 23 cats from Cunda and 55 dogs from Ayvalik were neutered.Most bitches were pregnant. Will be continued tomorrow

Update April 14th 2014

I told you our team is terrific! Today they neutered 27 cat from Cunda and 70 dogs from Ayvalik. Sadly enough one of the dogs died after surgery and 2 dogs were very ill and had to be euthanized.

So in April a total of 50 cat were neutered. This makes the grant total of neutered cats 842.


Neutered today
37 Cunda cat and 64 Ayvalik dogs

Total this month sofar 150 Cunda cat 151 Ayvalik dog

Grand total (incl. previous campaigns)
992 Cunda cat 132 Cunda dogs 882 Ayvalik dogs.


Please support us financially, we do want to help all 1200 dogs of Ayvalik and, if possible also some from the neighbor billages
Overloading you with sad pictures is not our poliy, but believe me the only solution for a straydog overpopulation is to neuter themallit prevents them from being killed and it prevents unwanted puppies to be born to die before age 1.


November 2014

Because we were in Ayvalik anyway, we also spayed/neutered 7 cats from Cunda. This brings us to a total of 1007 cats.

The population of stray dogs on Cunda is also under control. With each visit to Ayvalik a few dogs from Cunda are being helped. The population is now rather stable and hardly any pups are being born.


December 22 2014

During our December “visit”  to Ayvalik also 39 cat from Cunda have been neutered

January 2015

What an operation… We managed to neuter/spay 201 dogs from the garbage dump in Ayvaik as well as 65 cats from Cunda! Even though cats from Cunda are still brought in for surgery, when visiting this peninsula these days you can really tell that there are less stray cats.

March 25.

The March neutering round, to control the population of stray animals, is over: 154 dogs from Ayvalik/Cunda and 152 cats from Cunda were spayed/neutered. Again, great results!

May 24

6 Cunda cat have been neutered


October 2015

We do not exactly know what is going on, but we received the news that the municipality of Ayvalik will not allow us to continue our neutering campaigns there. Several attempts to clarify failed. After November 15 our vet Murat will travel to Ayvalik and will try to clear up the issue. Crazy situation; finally we have the money to continue solving the problem, a vet willing and able to continue our work afterwards, and now we are forbidden to finish what we started >>>