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Ayvalik campaign

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In 2013, 2014, 2015 we neutered   1274 Cunda cat, 163 Cunda dog and 1752 Ayvalik dogs.

October 2015

We do not exactly know what is going on, but we received the news that the municipality of Ayvalik will not allow us to continue our neutering campaigns there. Several attempts to clarify failed. After November 15 our vet Murat will travel to Ayvalik and will try to clear up the issue. Crazy situation; finally we have the money to continue solving the problem, a vet willing and able to continue our work afterwards, and now we are forbidden to finish what we started >>>


Ignore? Kill? Lock up?

Or neuter?

For many of us Turkey is an attractive holiday getaway. Unfortunately it does have a shady side, such as the problems surrounding the stray dog population and how to solve this issue.

The past years we gained a lot of experience in organizing neutering campaigns in order to decrease the number of stray dogs in a humane way.

Thanks to these neutering campaigns, funded by our foundation and led by vet Murat Bekhan, the number of stray dogs has already decreased in many areas of Turkey.

In 2013 around 1000 cats from Cunda were spayed/neutered. With 2014 the time came to take the next step, bigger and more professional, by working and documenting systematically which will help all stray dogs in Turkey. The campaign has to become the guidance for all municipalities in Turkey.

Research has shown that by spaying a minimum of 70% of the female dogs, the number of strays will decrease dramatically.


DSC02874 - Kopya DSC02916

Spaying/neutering puts a stop to a lot of animal suffering!

The Turkish city of Ayvalik was once inhabited by approximately 1500 stray dogs, in an area of 15 km of the city’s centre. The peninsula Cunda can also be found within this circle.

We managed to reach our original goal of spaying/neutering 1200 dogs in 2014!

The medical team visited Ayvalik no less than 8 times and managed to spay/neuter 150 dogs each time; 100 female dogs and 50 male dogs. Also the cats and dogs of Cunda were spayed/neutered during these trips, to control the population. An achievement to be proud of! The number of litters was already substantially less this past year. The animal welfare has improved significantly. As by far most dogs in such a large area are now infertile, new fertile dogs from surrounding cities will not be tended to come to the area.

However we cannot sit back on our hands; the StraydogsCampaign Foundation has committed to returning to Ayvalik and Cunda every spring and fall for a number of years to spay/neuter new dogs and cats. According to earlier research this should be enough to be able to control and decrease the population in a natural way.

There are a few reasons why we plan to organize more campaigns and try to spay/neuter a larger number of dogs

Female dogs who are with young also have to be spayed. This is not an easy job for the vet; his mind tells him the mother dog has better chances of survival without pups and the lives of the pups will only be a long road of pain and suffering. On the other hand, the vet is human and has a heart. He wants what is best for the animals and would prefer all animals to live a long and happy life.

The foundation aims to spay/neuter over 70% of the female dogs, as fertile animals suffer

There are certain areas in Turkey where animals are suffering now and we need to prevent more pups being born there. For example, we managed to spay/neuter 207 dogs living on the garbage dump in Avalik in January of 2015. All very shy dogs. A team of dogcatchers helped out in catching the dogs using special blowpipes (anaesthesia). The garbage dump attracts dogs as there is a lot of food (waste) to be found. The high number of dogs in such a small area triggers fights and the dogs suffer from their injuries. There are also a lot of infectious diseases spreading around. Besides, a lot of dogs get sick by eating rotten or poisoned food.

Another dog count in May of 2015 indicates that dogs from elsewhere are being dumped in Ayvalik by municipalities who think this is a cheap way to get rid of the overpopulation of dogs.

Finally, Ayvalik is a holiday resort; thousands of Turkish people come to Ayvalik together with their dog(s) at the end of May to spend their holiday there. Many of these fertile dogs will roam the streets of Ayvalik and will be left behind in September, with or without young or a litter.

Our work is difficult, but not impossible. We will continue our work for the welfare of the dogs and set an example for the whole of Turkey.

The local shelter of Ayvalik will be the ground base for the duration of this project. Gulnihal Balci, who has worked as a volunteer during the neutering campaigns on Cunda, has been appointed by the StraydogsCampaign Foundation and will manage the shelter during the campaign as well as coordinate the capture, care and return of the dogs. She also started an educational project in the municipality of Ayvalik.

The municipality of Ayvalik has signed a protocol which obliges them to respect Gulnihal’s leadership of the shelter, supply dry food for the dogs and to no longer kill or lock-up stray dogs in Ayvalik or dump them elsewhere.