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Maramara and Yeniciftlik 2012

Yeniciftlik and Marmara Ereglisi are two small cities about 12 kilometers apart of each other in the providence of Tekirdag, about 120 kilometers from Istanbul.

Volunteers from these cities have already asked for our support earlier. However the facilities and cooperation at sight were such that Murat decided not to go there until the situation was better.

Meanwhile both cities have a shelter now and there is a vet ready to be trained in Marmara. There are 50 dogs waiting to be neutered in the shelter of Yeniciftlik and 70 dogs in Marmara, all having to be released after recovery.

A newly graduated vet will attend the campaign and will be trained in applying the so called key hole technique. The vet, named Yakup, has been offered a position as local vet of Şanlıurfa and is determined to neuter the stray dogs there using the knowledge gained during this campaign.

Vet Berna, who has also worked in Dalaman, will assist with neutering so that Murat can find the time to educate the local population. One of the reason he would like to do so is the appaling situation in the Yeniciftlik shelter.

This campaign will cost around 3600 euro, of which 600 euro will be paid by the Turkish animal welfare organization HAYTAP.

The remaining 3000euro will be financed with a donation we received from the Dutch Hondenbescherming (Dog protection) and the AnimalFoundationPlatform THANK YOU!

The campaign will start around April 16th.

update 18-4

Dear Linda,

We left for Marmara Ereglisi once again on Monday April 16 at 07:00 AM. Unfortunately, due to a death in the family Yakup could not join us. Rasim already arrived on Sunday, in order to set up a room in which the dogs could be neutered.

We have neutered 36 dogs and 2 cats, which is much less than we expected.  The reason why the number neutered is less than the usual performance of the team is that the operations done by the  vet who worked for the municipality on contract basis had many complications. The majority of the female dogs were already “spayed”, but were still on heat.  Some had discharge of pus in their vagina, many dogs were suffering, some female dogs were still mating and we found handicapped pups.  Some of the bitches already “neutered” had two or one ovarium or uterus left inside. The inner organs of the animals were infected. Some dogs were bleeding.  That was why the operations took longer than expected.We treated a dog victim of a car accident, operated a dog whose puppies had died in the mother’s  womb and amputated the leg of a cat which was hit by a car.

The local authorities have a contract with a vet (who I think is a butcher). He has made a lot of mistakes during surgery and neutering, almost one mistake for every dog. Some female dogs still have one ovary left, other dogs two. Some still have a uterus but no ovaries anymore. We even found some female dogs where the uterus was tied up, but left behind  in the dog. He is no less than a murderer. I have tried to explain to him, very friendly and calmly, how a neutering works. But I do believe this man has no heart. If he did have a heart he would perform better, but this man does not feel for the dogs as much as he feels for making lots of money.

He even convinced most animal friends that pain, infections, mating with male dogs, discharge of pus from the vagina, a swollen stomach due to infections, are all normal; as long as the dog does not have any puppies, all is alright.

There are still a lot of dogs in need of neutering; but this idiotic vet has not marked the neutered dogs.

Some female dogs clearly showed to be on heat, but once in surgery it seemed they were already treated by this butcher.

We started neutering at 8:00 AM and worked for hours on end until the night came. As mentioned, we were able to neuter 38 dogs. Physically as well as mentally, we were broken; physically due to the hard work, and mentally due to the animal suffering we had to witness.

I have told the local authorities about our findings and they promised us to breach the contract with this vet.


We faced the same problems in Yeniciftlik, but, thank God, only with about 7 dogs. We were able to neuter 71 dogs there. The local authorities had announced our coming over, so there were also dog owners who came to have their dog neutered. We started around 10:00 AM and worked for hours on end until 8:00 PM. There are now no more fertile female dogs left in the shelter, but still about 25 male dogs.


Love, Murat


Update April 25


Today Murat contacted the volunteers from Marmara and Yeniciftlik; all animals that have been neutered/operated are doing well, no infections, no pain. This proves how inadequate the local vet really is and that he provides false information to people.