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Kars 2012

Kars is a city situated in the Southeast of Turkey, counting about 130.000 inhabitants.

There are many stray dogs.

Today, February 8th 2012, vets Necdet and Murat Bekhan left for Kars to neuter around 100 of these stray dogs.

For the greater part this campaign will be financed through a donation of the RSCPA.

The StraydogsCampaign Foundation will bear the costs of deworming, treatment against tics and vaccination of the dogs.

Rasim, the student vet who also helped out during the campaign in Igneada, already left for Kars a few days ago together with a fellow student Yavuz. They are making the necessary preparations; catching the dogs, examining them, setting up the surgery room, putting together a team of volunteers, and so on.

Necdet and Murat will be in surgery for three days.

The campaign has been organized on request of the local volunteers of HAYTAP.

During the campaign a local vet will be trained, so she can make sure all of the stray dogs in Kars will be neutered.


Update 19-2-2012

Highly disappointed Murat and Necdet returned from Kars: Dogs were not captured fast enough to continue the working pace. Also the vet who sounded so enthusiastic on the phone and willing to keep on neutering, proved to be better with words rather than taking action. Unfortunately, not at all suitable for continuing the campaign. Where at first Murat was under the impression that the vet cared for the animals and was in need of our help, once arrived in Kars the vet clearly stated that he could not and did not want to provide the after care.

There were 32 dogs neutered on the first day. The next days were used to provide the necessary after care and medical care of the dogs in the shelter.

Thanks to a donation from the RSCPA this campaign did not bring any costs for the StraydogsCampaign Foundation.