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Igneada 2011

Our next neutering campaign will take place in Igneada. Igneada is part of the Kirklareli province situated near the Bulgarian boarder.

Vets Murat Bekhan and Necdet together will neuter 120 dogs.

The local authority will pay for the hotel and the meals of the vets. The local vet will assist and, at the same time, learn from our vets.

On December 19th Rasim will leave for Igneada from Istanbul, bringing along all necessities. Rasim is a student at the faculty of animal medicine. Until two years ago Rasim worked as an assistant vet. At that time he won the education for vet at the University of Kars. He will graduate in one year from now. Rasim has worked at different private animal clinics in Istanbul and therefore has good thorough knowledge.

Rasim will search for a good temporary location for surgery, he will study the welfare of the dogs that need to be neutered, he will check if there is a space in which the dogs can be prepared before surgery and cared for after surgery; in short, he will do the same as Omer has done until now.

If Rasim is satisfied with everything, vets Necdet and Murat will follow on the 21st of December to start the neutering campaign.

Vet Burcu of the ministry of agriculture has requested for a neutering campaign in Igneada through Haytap. She will be trained by Murat during this campaign. Although Burcu is not an employee of the municipality, there is still hope that she will continue neutering stray dogs after we leave.

The costs are:

80 female dogs times 25 euro = 2000 euro
40 male dogs times 20 euro = 800 euro
120 rabies vaccinations times 2,5 euro = 300 euro
Vet Necdet for 3 days = 300 euro
Fuel costs = 400 euro
Rasim = 400 euro
Anti flea/tick = 540 euro
Combined vaccination (cocktail) = 480 euro
De-worming = 228 euro

Total costs = 5448 euro

Again, we are counting on your valuable support!


December 21st

Vets Murat Bekhan and Necdet arrived at Igneada today and already started neutering the first stray dogs.

There are so many stray dogs roaming the streets of Igneada, it is about time that this population is being neutered.

The public authority again is not really interested unfortunately.

Vet Burcu of the ministry of agriculture is working hard along with our vets, as well as Haytap volunteers Ilknur and Ahmet Kantarci.

On December 23rd at night Murat and Necdet returned from Igneada.

They neutered 21 cats, 9 male dogs and 64 female dogs.

The conditions the vets had to work in were absurd; the journey to Igneada was very difficult due to fog and rain, the area reserved as a “surgery room” was flooded and could only be reached by tractor. The room itself barely met the minimum requirements for the dogs and activity, and the journey back was also complicated by heavy snowfall!

Despite of these setbacks and the lack of interest by the local authorities the campaign was very successful; the volunteers were great, cooperation was very successful and thanks to Kahraman and Huseyin (volunteers who have been friends since childhood, reminding us of “Laurel and Hardy”) there were some laughs shared as well!

The new addition Rasim proved to be a great success!

On the 18th Rasim came to Istanbul from Kars, he packed the necessary supplies and was picked up by a driver of the municipality of Igneada on the 19th. Once arrived at Igneada, he prepared the surgery room the best he could and checked all dogs.

On the 21st vets Necdet and Murat left for Igneada in the early morning hours and started neutering the first animals half way the morning.

The municipally had arranged for free accommodations, but the hotel was so bad that our three men had to book another hotel themselves.

Burcu, the vet of the ministry of agriculture, and volunteer Ilknur pampered our men by serving them coffee, tea and sandwiches.

On the 23rd Rasim, Necdet and Murat returned to Istanbul, hindered by heavy storm and snowfall.

Today, the 24th, Rasim has unpacked and cleaned all supplies and will be leaving for Kars tomorrow.

Necdet as well as Murat already returned to their daily business, as though they did not just complete a heavy and difficult campaign.

Burcu has promised to continue neutering stray dogs. Besides her daily work, she will be able to neuter about 10 animals per month. As she did not yet have all necessary equipment, Murat has left some behind for her to use.

After care for the animals had to be kept short, but Burcu will keep a close eye on them and intervene when she expects problems.

Because of the bad weather, the hotel, costs for food, medicine and equipment left behind for Burcu, this campaign was 560 euro more expensive than we had calculated in advance.


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