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Edincik 2011

Edincik is a place located in the Marmaris region near Erdek.

There are 150 dogs in Edincik who urgently need to be sterilized.

There is no shelter in Edincik, not to mention a retreat or an operating-room. Therefore, an operating-room and retreat will have to be prepared on another location.

The volunteers from Erdek will stand by our medical teams side in Edincik as well.

Murat, Necdet, Omer and the dog catcher Ali will be in Edincik on April 13, 14 and 15 to start addressing the stray dog problem there as well, and prevent a lot of puppy suffering.

This campaign will be financed for the greater part by a donation of one of the volunteers of ActieZwerfhonden, who felt supported by the dogs of Edincik while going through rough times.


Update April 9, 2011

Murat received a Phone call from Nuray, the volunteer from Edincik. All dogs that need to be sterilized have been caught. Next to the city hall a small building was found to serve as an operating room which also provides space to care for the dogs after sterilization.

Omer and Ali will leave on Wednesday. They will check if everything is ready for the start of the sterilization campaign and will also prepare the “operating-room”. They will also start to give the dogs a medical check-up.

When everything is ready, Murat and Necdet will leave for Edincik very early on Thursday so they can start sterilizations at 09:00 hours the same day.

There is no vet in Edincik, but possibly the vet from Erdek will come to assist in this campaign.


April 13, 2011

Murat and Necdet left for Edincik tonight.

Omer has informed us that the “surgery room” has been prepared and the first 30 dogs have been caught. All dogs seem to be extremely hungry. The volunteers said that they thought the dogs could not eat before surgery. But if that is the truth of just an excuse…? Omer went to buy food for the dogs. More will be sent from Istanbul tomorrow, as there is not enough for sale in Edincik.

Omer has also spoken to the vice-mayor, who says to believe in neutering stray dogs in order to reduce the stray dog population. Unfortunately, the local vet does not know much about neutering and they do not seem to be very willing to learn.

April 16, 2011

Murat called today. Until now, 78 dogs were neutered.

They worked long hours yesterday, but were forced to stop early today; the volunteers fed the caught dogs and Murat did not dare to operate the fed dogs.

We will probably not reach 150 dogs, many of them do have owners but still roam the streets. The owners think it is nonsense to neuter their dogs; if they do have a litter, they keep the cutest pups and put the others outside to roam the streets.

We are now trying to find volunteers able to start this dialogue with these elderly residents.

April 17

The men returned from Edincik late last night. 143 dogs have been spayed or neutered and 253 dogs have received rabies vaccinations.
A more detailed report will follow shortly.

April 19

The men have returned from Edincik and slowly the stories begin to come out.

I think this may have been one of the toughest campaigns ever.

There are so many stray dogs in Edincik and even the dogs who do have an owner, roam the streets unneutered. They live of the waste of the local slaughter house.

By the way, the vet who is an employee of the municipality and works for the slaughterhouse showed no interest whatsoever in taking on the spaying and neutering.

There is no animal shelter in Edincik, let alone an operating room for a vet. Nuray, from Erdek, has been able to find a suitable room that can be used as an OR, as well as a temporary, acceptable shelter where the dogs can recover from the surgery.

The dogs have been caught by employees of the Bandirma and Edincik councils as well as Erdek´s vet.

Murat doesn´t complain quickly, but when there are no volunteers and they don´t even offer you a cup of tea when you are operating on dogs 12 hours a day and then see another hundred or so dogs running around that can´t be spayed because their
owners won´t give you permission or because the dogs are simply too young, things do get very difficult for him..

Nuray and Murat have tried their best to convince the owners that it really is better to neuter their dogs. With some of them they succeeded.

We are considering a follow up on the campaign in Edincik in a few months time. Dogs that were too young this time, can be neutered by then and maybe in the meantime, more owners could be persuaded to have their dogs helped.


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