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Dalaman 2012

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Dalaman-Ortaca is a city counting about 16.000 inhabitants, situated in the Southwest of the Aegean Sea region of Turkey.

The mayor of Dalaman-Ortaca contacted vet Murat Bekhan, from our befriended animal welfare organization SHKD, to ask whether a neutering campaign could be organized in his city. Also the local vet and the manager of the local shelter pleaded Murat to come to their city together with his team!

Türkan Dagdelen, for years an active welfarist of HAYTAP, is the manager of a shelter founded by herself. A few years ago Türkan went on a hunger-strike as she believed the suburbs of Dalaman should show more interest in the fate of stray dogs and the shelter. And with success. The suburbs Koycegiz, Dalaman and Ortaca joined forces; one suburb hired the vet, another suburb supplied dog food and the third suburb accounted for the staffing costs (3 employees).

However, now the shelter is supported by the municipality they are claiming rights and bringing in dogs that cause trouble on the streets. At the moment about 500 dogs, 70 cats and 2 horses are living in the shelter while the contribution of the suburbs is lagging far behind.

Moreover, the vet does not know how to neuter animals…

Besides managing the shelter Türkan also focuses on education of the local population; respecting animals, taking your pet to be neutered, feeding grounds for stray animals, and so on.

As you know, the StraydogsCampaign Foundation focuses primarily on catching, neutering and releasing stray animals. However, she also feels that a fairly good shelter where the circumstances are deteriorating because the animals have not been neutered (and there is no vet available who can actually neuter animals) is in need of help just as bad!

There are around 150 dogs that need to be neutered. This number contains both dogs from the shelter as well as stray dogs that will be placed back into the streets after recovery.

The setbacks we faced during the last neutering campaign in Kars are still fresh in our minds, so we first made sure there are enough dogs already caught or ready to be caught and investigated the guarantee for the necessary after care.

This all seems to be well prepared.

Murat will be assisted by Necdet and Rasim. Rasim will travel to Istanbul on the 24th in order to sort out and pack all necessary equipment, before leaving for Dalaman. Once arrived in Dalaman, he will prepare the surgery room and give the dogs a checkup.

Murat and Necdet will leave Istanbul by plane on the 27th and will start neutering the animals that same day.

As usual, they will teach the local vet how to neuter the animals in an animal-friendly manner.

The costs for this campaign in Dalaman will be around 5000 euro.

Besides the costs for neutering, vaccinations, de-worming and treatment against ticks and fleas, we will also try our best to vaccinate the dogs against Kennel Cough (Bordetella). Some dogs in the shelter seem to be infected by this. These dogs are already being treated.

The campaign will take place on the same day as World Spay Day. This for symbolic reasons, in order to be able to use a donation (of 2.284 euro) from one of the initiators of World Spay Day, the Morgan Wright Trust.

The remaining costs will be covered thanks to donations from our friends at CNR, with special thanks to Greet and Geert Torfs.

Greet, Geert and all our friends at CNR: thank you so much!

Of course, we are also asking your support!

Subscribe as a friend of CNR and thereby help out in preventing animal suffering amongst dogs!

February 27 2012

The first messages received from Dalaman bring good news. A large number of dogs have already been neutered. Murat, vet from the SHKD, is already very enthusiastic about the vet from the local shelter in Dalaman-Ortaca. He is proving to be a quick learner. The problem is that he does not have the equipment to perform the so-called and animal-friendly Key-hole technique himself. The municipality also does not have the funds for this. The StraydogsCampaign Foundation is trying to find a solution.

February 28 2012

The StraydogsCampaign Foundation has decided to pay for the necessary equipment the vet in Dalaman is in need of. It has been decided to lend out the equipment to the shelter in Dalaman-Ortaca, so the vet will be able to continue neutering the animals. We are still receiving exciting messages from Dalaman.

February 29 2012

Murat and Necdet, vets from the SHKD, returned home. The campaign was a great success. Murat will write a report about the campaign and will be sending pictures of the campaign soon!

Together, we were able to prevent a lot of puppy-suffering yet again. We have taken a very important step towards a better and more animal-friendly policy when it comes to stray animals!

For pictures click here

An excerpt from the report of veterinarian and team leader Murat Bekhan:

We came back from Dalaman on Tuesday night. I could not find the time to write you before.  As you already learned from Bilge and Türkan the project went really good and we did succeed.

We did neuter 118 dogs in total, most of them where young females. The vet Yavuz was enthusiastic and clever. He did know about the key-hole method when we got there, but he had to learn more about anaesthesia and the operation technique. But after our visit  he is good enough now ! He has some problems with Türkan (the shelter manager, red). When I listen to one of them I think yes you are right but when I listen to the other side then I am saying yes you are also right.

The case is Yavuz earns 900 tl = 360 euro per month which is not enough money for a vet .Normally a vet earns min. 1000 euro per month in any municipality . I do not know why his salary is like this.

Because of this Yavuz does not work full time in the shelter and tries to find money in the city treating cows, sheep etc. Türkan is right because she wants him in the shelter and Yavuz is right this money is not enough for him. When Yavuz earns some money from the shelter then he can come more time.

We gave for use operation equipment such as hooks, haemostatic pencils, shaving machine and some medicine for anaesthetic, antibiotic and sutures and the vaccine against kennel cough.

The German association Sunnydays for Animals did agree to help them further on with medicines.

If you have some questions let me know!

Murat Bekhan

Update March 29 2012

If it is at all possible (meaning, if our donors feel the campaign is as important as we feel it is) we are planning to go to Dalaman for the second time in order to neuter another 100 to 150 dogs. The number of dogs in need of neutering is just too high for Yavuz to control the stray dog population by himself.
November 2012

Vet Necdet will fly to Dalaman together with an assistant on November 16 to neuter 50 dogs in the Turkan shelter. While there, they will also perform surgery on two cats.

These surgeries will cost around 3000 euro in total.

We are trying hard to gather funds from large companies in order to be able to neuter the approx. 600 stray dogs roaming the streets of Dalaman.

Organization is complete, all we are waiting for are the funds!


November 20

Omer and Necdet neutered 78 dogs, of which 61 female dogs, and 8 cats in just two days time: what a team!

View the photo’s, by clicking here