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Bandirma 2011

Bandirma is a place near the coast, next to Erdek.

160 dogs will be sterilized and hopefully another vet will be trained.

Local animal protectors have caught the dogs and taken them to the shelter. Once theyrecovered from the surgery, they will be released again.

The local authority has offered to pay for the sterilizations, with the exception of the salary of our medical team.

These costs are 500,00 euro… We have never before been able to sterilize such an amount of dogs for such low costs. 🙂

The medical team will leave for Bandirma on February 24 to February 26.


Upfate February 23rd

The day before yesterday Omer left for Bandirma to prepare everything for the local spay and neuter campaign.

This morning Murat and Necdet were supposed to follow him there but they couldn’t get a spot on the ferry as most of the ferries were being utilized for evacuating Turkish people out of Libya. Hopefully they will have more luck tonight.

180 dogs are waited to be spayed. Before the surgery they will be checked for their health individually to ascertain if they are able to handle the surgery.

Update February the 24th

Necdet and Murat are now also in Bandirma. Working together with the municipal vet, 53 dogs were sterilized today.

Update February the 25th

A total of 93 dogs and 5 cats were sterilized in just two days time.

Although not all dogs in the area are sterilized the team has left for Istanbul; the weather conditions are bad at the moment and the shelter does not have enough covering to enable the animals to safely recover from surgery.

The municipal vet has been extensively instructed about sterilizing dogs in a safe and humane manner and we hope he will continue “our” work.

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