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Dogs looking for friends

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Akcay 2011/2012

Akçay is a municipality in the Edremit district of Balikesir Province in western Turkey. It is located in the Edremit Bay at the coast of north-eastern Aegean Sea, across the Greek island Mitilini.

Avril Simms, an English animal activist, approached ActieZwerfhonden. She was in contact with Levent Aynaoglu, an animal friend from Akcay.

Together with his friend Urguz, Levent took up the task of sterilizing the 100 stray dogs in their area.

They found that the local vet was prepared to sterilize the animals for the marvelous fee of no more than 70 tl = 35 euro per dog. Considering that the costs for among others medicine and suture materials alone are around 25 euro per dog, this is a fantastic price.

Levent and Urguz will catch the dogs and bring them to the vet. After the surgery, they will care for the dogs in their own back yard for a couple of days before releasing them back into the area.

Even though ActieZwerfhonden has her work cut out with bearing the costs of her own sterilization campaigns, we do feel we have to sponsor at least 10 of these sterilizations.

Pictures of the sterilized dogs sponsored by ActieZwerfhonden will be available here soon.

We only wish there were more of these animal friends in Turkey!

November 2011

Levent and Urguz are still working hard on neutering the stray dogs within their area. At this moment, there are 35 dogs that urgently need to be neutered.

Due to circumstances the StraydogsCampaign Foundation has no neutering campaign of its own at this time. Therefore it has been decided to bear the costs for neutering these 35 dogs.

More news and photos will follow shortly!

For pictures of the neutering campaign please follow the link to our Dutch website

December the 7th


Today, the first three
dogs were neutered. Take a look at some photos.

December 10th

Today we had an “emergencie”; the male dogs were far too interested in this lady and so Levent brought het to the vet at once!

On December 17th. the 5th dog out of 35 StraydogsCampaign will finance, was neutered.

And on December 26th. dog number 6.

On December 28th. dog number 7 was neutered.

And on Januar 11th. number 8 and 9 were neutered. The picture in the album shows the last litter of one of the dogs. The pups are about three months old and will be neutered as soon as they reach the age of 6 months.

On january 12th it was time for dog number 10.

On January 26th. number 11 out of 35 was neutered.
On January 30st it was number 12’s turn.

March 8th. Today number 13 had her lucky day! And on March 10. number 14 was neutered.
On April 4th. number 15 found her way to the vets.

As of April 8th nr. 16 also wont have any unwanted offspring.

On april 14th nr. 17 was neutered.

On May 25th the numbers 18 and 19 were neutered!

Two males and one bitch were neutered on May 30.

On June 13th Levent and the vet managed to have dogs 23 and 24 neutered.

Number 25 was neutered on June 23r

For each neutering, the vet charges a higher rate. We now asked Levent to try and negotiate the price as the situation is getting absurd; after another price raise from the vet, he now charges 125 ytl per dog instead of the original 83 ytl.

For pictures of the neutering campaign please follow the link to our Dutch website

October 2012

Sadly enough Levent had to make a choice between his marriage and the dogs, which means the neutering campaign has come to a halt for now.

In the meantime a mobile clinic appeared out of nowhere and has neutered quite a few dogs so far.

Let’s hope and pray someone will take on Levents “job” so more dog scan be neutered.