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Mordogan 2010

The animal protectors in Mordogan asked StraydogsCampaign to neuter some animals over there, 50 dogs and 60 cats. After the visit to Sutculer Ayhan and Aleyda wanted to go there to, together with the medical team from the SHKD.

A day before the start of the project, the mayor of Mordogan withdrew its permission for the sterilization of stray dogs,

The association of veterinarians in Izmir filed a complaint, the free sterilization of stray dogs according to them is taking bread out of their mouths.

You understand that this argument makes no sense, the dogs will never be sterilized by private veterinarians and there is no money to pay for the sterilization of animals.

Murat Bekhan, the board of StraydogsCampaign, Ahmed Senpolat who is a Turkish lawyer and animal lover, besides that also a board member of a Turkish Haytap animal protection organization, have tried through various channels to get a license to sterilize animals.

So far this has not succeeded, but StraydogsCampaign will not give up!