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Luleburgaz 2010

Please read the mail we received from volunteers from Luleburgaz an industrial city with 100.000 inhabitants, about 180km. from Istanbul.

To whom this may concern,

Following the observations of negative conditions in Animal Shelter located in Luleburgaz district of Kirklareli, cooperative work of Municipality and our society has started, and just in 3 months, this work has yielded to a shelter satisfying minimal standards and almost all deficiencies are obtained.

(A few photos can be seen here: http://www.luleburgazbarinagi.com/?p=252 and http://www.luleburgazbarinagi.com/?p=238)


As of today, in our shelter, there are 30 unneutered female adult, 32 unneutered male adult dogs. In addition outside the Shelter, there are around 14 female and 30 male adult unneutered dogs in the neighborhood that are being fed by people in the vicinity. Since there is no neutering operation in the Shelter, these dogs are not brought to the shelter, however they will be, in case these operations start.


Our purpose is to sterilize and immunize the animals inside and outside the shelter and after registiration ,left to the places that they have been living except the animals which are old or too young, sick,injured,pregnant or mother or disabled which should be kept and served in the shelter.


Since the veterinarians of Municipality do not have surgery or any other operation experience, no such work has been done until today. However, two veterinarians of Municipality express their willingness to follow-up all the process and learn in case such a support is provided, and they also express to take over the lead and continue in the same manner. In addition, some other
veterinarian surgeons express their wills to watch the operations. In case of neutering operations take start, Mayor has explicitly expressed that all the staff will be available at the service of the team which will give support. In the Shelter, there are 2 veterinarian, 3 staff and 5 volunteers.

CURRENT FACILITIES In the shelter, we have an operation room in which there is a heater and an air conditioner and some medical equipments, metal cages in which animals can be boarded after operation, and a separate space surrounded by 3 walls. There are toilet and showers belonging to this room. Municipality has completed procurement of earrings to be pierced to animals after operation, and has obtained computer services which will enable to follow-up all the operations, with the support of Istanbul Bilgi University. All the parts of the Shelter is equipped with electricity and water.

What can be supplied to SHKD:

In case of such support, Municipality will pay all the costs of staff for travel, accommodation and food at the maximum level. In addition, in order not to have a problem with Chamber of Veterinarians, a letter will be sent to SHKD and a protocol will be signed for this scope. In short, Municipality is showing goodwill and ready to take all the necessary steps on his account in order to
complete the neutering work.

As the conditions that we tried to describe above, we kindly request your support in order to start neutering in our district.

Such action that will start upon your support and green-light will help to control stray dog population and will help to develop awareness of public on animal health. In addition it will be such a great first step, and set an example in Thrace region. On behalf of our Society, we will be more than thankful for your support.

Best Regards,

Yagmur Ozgur Guven

On behalf of BGD Executive Committee

BGD General Secretary and Luleburgaz Shelter Volunteer



Travel and hotel expenses for our team are taken care of by the city of Luleburgaz.

44 bitches x25 = 1100 euro

62 dogs x 20 = 1240 euro

Ömer 3 days 75 euro

Necdet 2 days 250 euro

Murat a big kiss from Linda Taal

106 x 12,90 = 1367 euro ( rabies and coctail vaccine, treatment against fleas,
ticks and worms)

In total: 4032 euro

Today, December 21st, the spay and neuter campaign started in Luleburgaz. Murat isbusy spaying stray dogs and training two local vets.

They are still continuing with neutering at 19:30 Turkish time. They have neutered 45 dogs till now. Murat says that there is an amazingly enthusiastic team of vets there. In fact two municipality vets and one private vet eager to learn. Murat told me that they could have done more dogs but because the vets are so eager to learn they are going much slower than they planned. By the end of tomorrow they are planning to neuter 100 dogs. There are also wonderful volunteers there, Murat says, all helping by bringing dogs etc.. Murat was very satisfied with the project and sent his and the teams greetings to you.

23 december
Murat wrote:

We have returned from Luleburgaz and have spayed and neutered 93 dogs and 10 cats, it was a great thing to do.

All local vets and two vets from the municipality have been present at the surgeries. One of the municipal vets is now able to spay and I am sure he will be doing so.

The private vets were already somewhat familiar with the ‘keyhole method’, but were not executing it correctly. So we ‘tutored’ hem.

Everyone was amazed by the number of surgeries we did in just two days. When the people of Luleburgaz were told how many dogs would be operated on beforehand, they did not believe we could pull it off. Now that they have seen it with their own
eyes, the are still in schock. 🙂

All dogs are doing well. One dog had to have a leg amputated though, because it was so badly wounded it would not have recovered.

We also inspected the shelter and explained to the people working there how they could help improve certain things.

The first day we were there, we got a lot of attention from the press and the mayor paid us a visit. ( http://www.gorunumgazetesi.com.tr/v2/haberler/sahipsiz-kedi-ve-kopekler-kisirlastirildi.html). He wanted to know about absolutely everything and invited me to his office the next day for a conversation. We spoke for about an hour about the stray dog issue and he told me that he had been looking for as much info as possible, right after Yagmur had told him about the option to
spay, neuter and release stray dogs. He fully agrees that this is THE solution to the problem and so the spaying and neutering must continue.

Luleburgaz has a hundred thousand inhabitants. Statistically this would indicate that there are more stray animals than we performed surgery on during those two days.

I have asked Yagmur and her husband to work with the municipality and to start an organization that can run the shelter.

December 30 2010

What we hoped and all worked for became real in 2010 at the nick of time.

As I wrote earlier, the mayor of Luleburgaz is now enthusiastic, together with us he agrees that the sterilization and release of (stray) dogs is the only structural and humane solution for reducing the stray dog population and has promised that the cost for continuing this after our campaign will be paid by the municipality.

It even gets better … Yagmur and her husband have decided to start a business that will sterilize dogs and run the shelter by order of the municipality. They will hire young vets to do the job.

Murat and Necdet offered to train the vets for free to teach them the “keyhole” surgery technique.

Throughout the entire district of Luleburgaz there are about 4,000 dogs, all of these dogs have a chance on having a future, thanks to the campaign funded by StraydogsCampaign!

According to Murad, both the local animal protection association and the Mayor are very grateful to StraydogsCampaign. Thank You Letters will follow.

Also several newspapers published the news about the campaign.

At the end of the year this is really a great step in the right direction!

March 23

We received another message from Yagmur from Luleburgaz.

Her plan to found a company together with her husband for sterilizing stray dogs by order of the local authority, unfortunately, could not be continued.

The positive news however is that the local vets, trained by our vets, have continued sterilizing after our team left. This concerns approx. 3 dogs each week; not too many but definitely consistent and performed in the right way. All sterilized dogs are doing well!

This truly illustrates the goal of our work; local authorities who follow our example to keep the stray dog population controllable and, at the end, decrease the stray dog population in a natural way.

The local animal welfare organization will try to take over the plan of Yagmur and her husband.


For pictures see our Dutch website