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Dogs looking for friends

IBAN NL62INGB0004011891 BIC / SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A ING Bank-Amsterdam. ActieZwerfhonden Zonnemaire The Netherlands

Erzincan 2010

update March 2013

Murat will be in Erzincan for two days the coming week. The trained vet spays/neuters dogs without any problems, but can still use some help when it comes to cats. Therefore, he asked Murat to come and help him.

The local authority of Erzincan has called upon ActieZwerfhonden and the SHKD for help in sterilizing the stray dogs in the area.

Erzincan has a new shelter with a new, young and enthusiastic local vet, who wishes to be trained by Murat and Necdet.

The local authority will pay for the actual costs of surgery, vaccinations and worming. ActieZwerfhonden wil pay the salaries of the medical team as well as their travel expenses.

150 (hundred and fifty) dogs will be sterilized.

On the 24th of January para-veterinary surgeon Omer started his travel to Erzincan, bringing all the necessary supplies. Our vets Murat and Necdet will follow by airplane on Wednesday.

Animal suffering will now also decrease significantly in Erzincan!


For pictures please visit our Dutch website

This time around, the costs will be relatively low for ActieZwerfhonden:

Salary para-veterinary surgeon and dog catcher 7 days (7×50+50) 700 tl
Salary vet 3 days (3×250) 750 tl
Fuel (diesel oil) 1200 tl
Air plane tickets (2×400) 800 tl +
Total costs 3450 tl = 1725 euro

update 01-26-11

I have talked to Murat on the phone now. He said that the mayor and deputy mayor are very much interested in the operations. The deputy himself watched the operations, the mayor asked Murat how they should proceed, how they should let volunteers get involved in further implementations. He said that no dogs will be kept at the shelter for more than five days and they will be returned to where they are taken from. The vets also were very enthusiastic and eager to learn the technique.

update 01-29-11

Friday the 28th of January Murat and co returned from Erzincan.

He wrote that working in Erzincan has really uplifted his spirit!

Besides the fact that he and Necdet sterilized 120 dogs and 19 cats in only 3 days time, he is very enthusiastic to find that the mayor of Erzincan is proving to be a true animal friend!

Two vets have been trained. One of them, Dr. Eyup, is a good young doctor who was specially assigned to keep a close watch on the welfare of the stray dogs.

The mayor instructed Eyup to order anything that he thought he needed.
He also told Murat that he would rather sterilize less dogs for now, in order to focus on training Dr. Eyup, than the other way around.

Local volunteers helped by catching the dogs and cats. It was remarkable that almost all municipal officials knew exactly where each dog came from.
All sterilized dogs will remain at the shelter for after care until Wednesday, when they will be released back into their area.