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Erdek 2010

Erdek is a city with 50,000 inhabitants on the Aegean coast of Turkey.

After the success of the sterilization campaign in Bitlis local animal protectors asked if SHKD / StraydogsCampaign was willing to do sterilizations of stray and shelter dogs in Erdek.

We wanted to, but we did not have enough funding to sterilize all the dogs and doing just part of them is not an option because then the remaining fertile females will produce even more.

Fortunately foundation WereldPootjes was willing to support this project financially and offered to pay for the sterilization of 12 dogs. Foundation WereldAsielen contributed 1000euro.

The municipality was very positive about the sterilization campaign and decided to pay the costs of accommodation and meals for our team.

After this Erdek will have its problem with strays solved and with this a lot of animal suffering will be avoided.

On Friday, October 8, with some delay, Veterinarian Necdet assistant Omer and two dog catchers went to Erdek and they neutered, vaccinated, treated for parasites 130 dogs in four marathon days.

30 dogs of them came from the municipal shelter, where they by the way take proper care of the dogs, and the other 100 were stray dogs.

The operated dogs were able to recover are a couple of days in the shelter until they were fit enough to take care of themselves.

Also three veterinarians were trained to do the special sterilization technique Necdet uses, it is quick and has little effect on the dogs.

So now also Erdek has no longer a stray dog problem, and with this less animal suffering.

The cost were 5000euro; StraydogsCampaign and the stray dogs are counting on your support!

Pictures will follow soon

October 17th

All data from the campaign in Erdek has been compiled and sorted out.

It seems animal friends at the scene may have counted some animals twice or even three times. The final number of spayed and neutered dogs is 105 (72 bitches – including 9 pups – and 33 dogs).

Because the amount of dogs to be operated on was less than planned, a couple of hundred euros of the budget for Erdek remain. I have asked Murat to use this money for an educational project in Erdek.

The situation in the local shelter seems to be less imptessive as we were told. The animals are not suffering, although some more food and care would go a long way.

SHKD and ActieZwerfhonden will attempt to convince the council and the shelter adminstrators of the need for better care.

April 9, 2011

We received news from Erdek that the local vet is prepared to sterilize stray dogs. Unfortunately, he does not have any money for the instruments needed and the local authority will not finance this.

The vet will be invited to join the sterilization campaign in Edincik, to see how it is done and lend a helping hand.

After this campaign, if Murat feels that the vet is fit for the job and motivated enough to help save the stray dogs, ActieZwerfhonden will donate the necessary instruments needed by him.

April 16, 2011

The vet from Erdek has won his spurs, and there by his instruments :-).

He is enthusiastic and cares about animals a lot!

For pictures see our Dutch website