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Why StraydogsCampaign

“The fate of animals is of greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous; it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men” (Emile Zola)

When Linda Taal, initiator of the StraydogsCampaign Foundation, heard about the troubles of stray dogs in Turkey and the problems of S.H.K.D. (a local animal protection organization) back in 2003, she started searching for ways to generate funds for S.H.K.D. At first the money was for transporting rehomed animals. As time went on, it was for the care of the dogs in the forest shelter as well. Due to various circumstances these dogs have no other place to live (more information can be found under the chapter S.H.K.D.).

The more Linda discovered about the stray dog issue, the more she got convinced that rehoming these dogs was not the solution for the overpopulation of stray dogs in Turkey. A population of more than 3 million dogs.

Since founding the StraydogsCampaign Foundation the main focus of attention is to catch, neuter, vaccinate and return stray dogs (a method internationally known as CNVR). Like the S.H.K.D. and The World Health Organization, our foundation believes this is the only humane, structural and cost effective way to put a stop to the growing population of strays. On the other hand, this method does require time and money.

Much used Turkish methods are killing, dumping strays in uninhabited areas where they will starve to death or locking them up in awful municipal shelters where the animals are cooped up 24/7 in their own feces without proper care. These methods seem to work for a while, however appearances are deceptive. It is the law of nature that animal populations adjust to the carrying capacity of the area (the presence of food = waste, water and shelter). When animals are taken out of a certain area, no matter how, the remaining females will bread more often, the litters will be larger and their chances of survival will be better. Finally the population will grow again so emaciated mother dogs will be struggling to feed their pups and municipalities feel they need to continue the barbarity to control the population.

Following the CNVR method, the number of animals dying a natural death will be larger than the number of animals being born. This way the population will decrease naturally and a lot of animal suffering will be prevented.

Since 2009 the foundation is also actively organizing, financing and guiding local neutering campaigns.

Furthermore, the foundation assists in financing educational campaigns and, wherever it is needed, we try to help out with any (medical) aid.

Through the website the foundation attempts to bring about a better mentality amongst the Turkish people towards stray dogs and animals in general.

Also the foundation tries to emphasize the importance of CNVR and proper education when dealing with the Turkish local authorities.