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The problems

Turkey is having a big issue with its population of stray dogs.

To solve this problem there is only one solution; catching stray dogs, neuter them and release them back to their original territory.

But the fact is that dogs are being poisoned or shot or are brought to remote areas after sterilisation, or in the end are killed anyway.

With these methods the population of stray dogs will not decrease.
The stray dog population adapts itself to their surroundings. If dogs die, their place will be immediately taken by other dogs. The unspayed bitches will breed and their nests will be larger and the surviving rate of the pups will increase.

In the areas where dogs are neutered in a proper way and are returned after the sterilisation, not all the dogs are “fixed” and on top of that the owners that are fed up with their pets are adding them to the streets.

The presence of many stray dogs will always cause inconvenience, if only just nuisance.

The people, often due to ignorance, are afraid of dogs and dislike them. Dogs are being regarded as inferior creatures which causes for a real low threshold to abuse and neglect dogs compared to the western part of Europe.

The shelters are overcrowded and especially in the municipal shelters the dogs are severely neglected; they do not receive medical attention and they are hardly being fed.
In the privately owned shelters, the workers and volunteers do what they can but this is often not sufficient.

The Turkish government adopted an animal protection law on July 4th, 2004, but so far, despite the implementation of Neuter and Release in 2006, the animals are not benefitting in any way. Stray dogs are still being poisoned and abused and the situation in the municipal shelters has not improved at all.

Without educating the public, helping animals without pressuring the government from abroad, the situation of the stray dogs cannot and will never improve.