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Dogs looking for friends

IBAN NL62INGB0004011891 BIC / SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A ING Bank-Amsterdam. ActieZwerfhonden Zonnemaire The Netherlands

StraydogsCampaign Foundation


Started in 2003 as a private initiative by Mrs. Linda Taal, it now has resulted in the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation, founded on April 16th, 2005.

The aim of the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation, as is established in the articles of association, is:

collecting money for organisations that dedicate themselves to the cause of solving the stray dog situation in the urban area’s of second and third world countries by means of Catch, Neuter and Release.

developing all sorts of activities that are related to the above in the broadest sense.

Considering the huge scale of the problems, at this point in time the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation focuses solely on the situation in Turkey.

Chamber of commerce:

The StrayDogsCampaign is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, registration number: 243769620000

The tax authorities consider the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation an institute for the benefit of general use, accordingly to article 24, section 4 of the Succession Law 1956.

Quality Mark

Over the years there were created a number of quality mark for charities: CBF Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving), KGB (Keurmerk Goed Besteed) and KGD(Keurmerk Goede Doelen).

Although these marks have the goal to serve the fundraising industry (the donor for getting more clarity about where the money is spend on, as well as the charity itself with collecting more funding) they all have in common that they are to expensive for small organizations. Obtaining and maintaining the mark costs about € 400 per year and also requires an annual financial audit, which also costs a couple of hundred euro’s.

StraydogsCampaign chooses to spend the money on the dogs and gaining the confidence of its supporters by a good and honest reporting (regular report on the website of the various projects, monthly report of expenditure and annual online).

If you have specific questions, you are always free to get in contact with members of the foundation.

Executive Committee:

Mrs. Greet Torfs : President

Mrs. Linda Taal :Secretary/Treasurer

Mrs. Nathalie Klinge

Contact Information:

General information email info@actiezwerfhonden.nl



Account Information:

Our banking details
Account nr 40 11 891 in the name of Stichting ActieZwerfhonden
in Zonnemaire, Holland
Bank: ING Bank in Amsterdam
IBAN:NL62INGB 0004011891


Annual report

Every year the foundation publishes an annual report.

The report is available to anyone but is only published in Dutch.