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                                            strays in Izmir, by the red earclip you  recognize a neutered  dog

As attractive as Turkey may be to the average tourist, it is an absolute hell-hole of a country to live in when you happen to be a dog or cat, sheep, donkey, any kind of animal really. Turkey, like many other countries, is confronted with a huge stray dog problem (estimates vary from 1.000.000 to 3.000.000).

Even though article 5199 of the animal welfare law states the stray dog problem should be solved by catching, neutering and returning the dogs, many authorities still try to solve the issue by poisoning dogs, deporting dogs to contiguous municipalities or deserted areas or by locking them up in municipal (read: abominable) shelters

The stray dog population however adapts to its environment; in other words, as long as the environment does not change (the same amount of food and territory size) the number of dogs will not decrease. The surviving/abandoned female dogs will actually mate more often and so the litters they have will be larger. Moreover, the pups’ chances of survival will be better.

Neuter and Return has been scientifically proven to be the only right way to solve the problem.

A number of people, volunteers mostly, try to solve the stray dog problem by adhering to the ‘Neuter and Return’ method, which has been approved by the World Health Organization.