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Our work

The goal of the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation is to work on a solution for reducing the stray dog population in Turkey, as
well as improving the conditions surrounding the current population of stray and shelter dogs.

This is being accomplished by organizing and financing neutering campaigns amongst stray dogs and financing teaching
materials used for educational projects at schools in Turkey.

Besides, the foundation also supports the Forest shelter in Istanbul.

Furthermore, the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation is fighting to bring around a mentality change as to stray dogs and stray
animals in general, by offering important information on the website. The Neuter/Release principal is also being promoted on this website, as this is the only structural and humane solution for dealing with the stray dog population.

This may all sound rather simple but the work of the StraydogsCampaign Foundation is rather extensive:

Website maintenance;

Correspondence and administration on
behalf of all our supporting activities;

Researching the international legislation on animal protection;

P.R. activities;

Calling attention to  stray dogs by corresponding with  national and international politicians and animal welfare organizations;

On request, drawing up petitions and starting e-mail campaigns on behalf of the Turkish stray animals;

Contacting amongst others embassies regarding the customs regulations and taxes concerning international transportation of aid supplies;

Contacting vets, local population and volunteers regarding the organization of neutering campaigns;

Attracting supporters/sponsors for donations in euro’s as well as goods to benefit own campaigns or supporting

Website maintenance

These days the internet is an intensively used medium. The website of the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation
reaches tens of thousands of people and we try to keep the site as updated and informative as we can. This means that it takes constant updating of the site, looking for new articles, organizing all the translations needed, publishing requests, asking permission to publish/translate articles and/or pictures and so much more.

Correspondence and administration on behalf of all our supporting activities

This includes all transactions being kept up to date, everyone making a donation or supporting the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation in a different way will receive a “thank you” note and if applicable receives updates (if their e-mail address is known to us), answering all kinds of questions concerning activities, maintain contact with the SHKD and other projects about the progress of different operations, informing other organizations on how the foundation organized campaigns, and so on.

Researching the international legislation on animal protection

The StrayDogsCampaign Foundation regularly receives requests to research the animal protection laws and regulations regarding shelters and protection of stray animals in The Netherlands and the other EU state members. This information facilitates Turkish animal welfare workers when negotiating with local authorities.For example, the new law on transportation of pets as from 3-7-2004.

P.R. activities

Whenever possible, the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation tries to call attention to the situation of stray dogs and motivate people to support the stray dogs in any way they can. This can be done by attending fairs, writing to newspapers and magazines or visiting
women at daycare centers, who are willing to knit dog sweaters.

For some time now the promo team of the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation visits “animal” events to educate visitor about the problems surrounding the stray dog population. They also try to earn a little extra for support of the stray dogs by selling the unique merchandise of the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation.

Calling attention to  stray dogs by corresponding with  national and international politicians and
animal welfare organizations

The StrayDogsCampaign Foundation also corresponds with national and international politicians to call attention to
the situation of stray dogs and to try and persuade them of the necessity of making EU regulations in regard to stray animals. The StrayDogsCampaign Foundation also corresponds with national and international animal welfare organizations to convince them of the urgent need for help in handling and solving the problems surrounding stray dogs in Turkey.

Drawing up petitions and launching e-mail campaigns

When requested by Turkish animal protection workers, the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation draws up petitions or launches an international e-mail campaign. Taking care of the translations and mailings.
Contacting embassies

The StrayDogsCampaign Foundation tries to cooperate with relevant embassies in order to reach an agreement on transporting aid supplies to Turkey. Looking at the current customs regulations, this is extremely difficult.

Contacting vets and other parties

Turkey only allows Turkish vets to work in their country.

Mostly, the campaigns are a collaboration between our foundation and the vets of the SHKD.

Local volunteers are best informed when it comes to local problems and possibilities. All our campaigns are therefore both
supported by local volunteers and set up with their help.

Without the permission and assistance of the local authorities, a neutering campaign is doomed to fail.

Attracting supporters/sponsors for donations in euro’s as well as goods

The StrayDogsCampaign Foundation relies on its donors.

Much effort is put into gathering funds as well as goods, such as food and medical equipment, needed for the neutering campaigns.