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Dogs looking for friends

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Every little chunk helps


For several years StraydogsCampaign supports a shelter in Atakoy / Istanbul where two old ladies care together for over 300 (!) Dogs.

Last year, the women and their dogs were forced to relocate by the municipality to a designated place in another part of the region (Sefakoy). It was not for long that they could relax. Just before the start of winter, the women and their dogs were given notice of an upcoming move. The reason, property development. Like the last time the bulldozers were ready to tear down the place.

The dogs were again treated as out-laws and the two women were men-tally and physically at the end of their wits.


The approx 300 dogs have been moved from Sefakoy to the forest- shelter. The dogs are living in large packs, on large fenced forest areas and every dog gets his/her own dog-house to protect them from the elements.

StraydogsCampaign is very grateful for the help that SHKD in Istanbul offered by the provision of shelter space and the practical care of the dogs. But there is no budget within this organization for food and medical-treatment of the dogs.

StraydogsCampaign can not leave these dogs to their fate and has decided to take the responsi-bility for the costs of these 300 snouts itself. A big challenge!

For a small foundation as StraydogsCampaign the expendable costs resulting from the relocation are enormous. Fortunately, there is little help offered by animalprotectors in Istanbul and many old and new friends of the foundation made an ex-tra donation Istanbul and many old and new friends of the foundation made an extra donation.

Now, the foundation is looking for a way to be able to afford the continuing expenses coming from paying for food “chunks” and medical treatment for the dogs.



Every little chunk helps!

StraydogsCampaign aims to at least find 1000 people that will donate 1 euro per month! With a 1000 euro per month, the foundation will be able to ensure the dogs of the care. Are you in? StraydogsCampaign, but most of all the dogs will be very grateful!

Of course you can put in your chunk by donating for the entire year at once(preferably!) and you can participate as often as you want! And if you want to give the sponsorship as a present, then StraydogsCampaign will send you a nice gift card home as a proof of your gesture.

The StraydogsCampaign foundation, but most of all the dogs, will be very gratefull for you support.

Of course, the donation of an-other amount is also possible. Check out what different amount mean for a dog. With a donation, for example:

5 euro a dog can be de-wormed for an entire year

10 euro a dog will be free of fleas and ticks for an entire year

15 euro will provide the dog with all the necessary vaccines

20 euro a dog will have diet food if necessary

30 euro will allow a dog to get extra medical care.


Fam. de Ruiter
Raymond Hofmann
Y. v.d. Velde
Mevr. Jahae
A. Oney
E. Versantvoort
Fam. van de Hof
Fam. Drent
P. Dijkstra
M. Veenendaal
Fam. van Rooyen
Mevr. van den Berg
Mevr. Hagenaar
Fam. Mertens
Mevr. Kerpestein
Fam. Marks
Mevr. Bieling
M. Schmeddes-Bisoen
P. Wisman
Mevr. Smith
Sandra Houtman
I. Marks
Petra Houtman
B. Verhaar
Fam. Artz
Mevr. de Weerd
Fam. Zwaan
A. v.d. Meij
C. v.d. Kooy
Fam. van der Sterren
Fam. Spil
Mevr. Freijters
Mevr. Aalders
Fam. Pieterse
Saskia en Yunah
A. van den Berg
Coccie Pols
Mevr. van der Sangen
Simone Riedijk
Carla Hoeben
Fam. van de Hof
Mevr. Vonk-Jurrius
Fam. Besselink
Judy Kleinbongardt
Mevr. van Rooyen
D. Krijger
Mariola Beckers
Fam. Klop
Fam. Rering
Myrna Plasman
I. Polderman
Suze Steenbergen
Liesbeth Huiskamp
Fam. Smits
Mevr. Cobussen
Mevr. Fennema
Fam. van Kampen
Fam. Averink
Mevr. Ploeg
Nicole Jarmer
W. v.d. Land
Fahner schoenreparatie
Karin Bothof
Olaf en Jet Barkel
Fam. Postema
A.M. Terwey
Maria Arias
Mevr. Oosterbeek
J. de Haan
J. Ramaekers
Mevr. Vrolijk
Dhr. Schreuder
Mevr. Wienke
Mevr. Cobussen
J. Groenewoud
de Weerd
Petra Bosse
Fam. Oldekotter
A. de Ruijter
Fam. de Ruijter
J.D. Griekspoor
de Haan
Nique Hanskamp
Mert Ercy Pur
Brenda van Wetten
Yvonnen Kroonenberg
Fam. Lokhof
Pinda en Marie
Peter en Sandra
Geertje Oppel Swiers
Nadja Hoffmann
Bob Verhaar
AM de Groot
Judy kleinbongardt
Wanda Theelen
Yuri Vromen
Rita Westerlinck
Mevr. Manuel
MArtine Luiting
Jose Kersten en MArius Donkers
Annie van Bemen
Wietse Haak
Linda Moreels
Kim Constandt
Joke van Dam
Diedeke Holtslag
Mevr. Vonk Jurrius
Fam. Holthaus
Fam. De Heij
Ingrod Pepermans
Maria Roest
Lia de Lang
Steeds n Scoop
Gerard van Genderen/Zonnig Zeilen
Clauia Rotgans
Marian Stoffer
Mrs. Tieben
Volkan Saliskan
R. Pieterse de Groot
Joyce Tabak
Noor Schipper
Marlies van Riet
Tosca de Jong
Elly Brunia
Ingrid van der Velden
Sjoukje Tiemessen
Mrs. Pot
Heleen Schoorlemmer
Ilse Kuiper Tekst- en Beeldproducties
Elisabeth Helmig Bjerkén/Denmark

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