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Dogs looking for friends

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Disabled dogs

Gonny en Peter, Karin en Willem, Indy, Ans de Groot, Erika, Loes Holierhoek, Alla, Mirjam, Diana von Geldern, Gulay Fitoz,de honden Diesel, Una en Duby,Dutch dogforum en  Nique Hanskamp, Charlotte de Graaff, de Graaff fam. have subscribed as friends of the handicapped dogs; we are looking for more friends.


On this page we introduce you to handicapped dogs. These dogs are now living in the forest-shelter, but we are trying to find homes for them. Because the care of handicapped dogs is more expensive we are looking for more than one friend per dog. As soon as one of the dogs has been rehomed your contribution will automatically be used to help one of the other handicapped dogs.


After the death of George we welcomed a new handicapped dog to the friends project.

BALIM dişi bir yaşında arka sag ayagı kırılıp kaynamış (1) BALIM dişi bir yaşında arka sag ayagı kırılıp kaynamış

Balim is a one year old female dog (2013). She comes from the municipal shelter of Sisli.

Her right back paw has a handicap. The vet in Sisli performed surgery on her paw, but unfortunately this did not solve the problem. Sisli asked the SHKD if she could be helped and cared for in the shelter. Caring for her is not the problem, but her paw did not yet heal and it never will. This means that Balim cannot be returned to the shelter in Sisli or be released on the streets.


GECE erkek bir yaşında ön sag ayagı kırılıp kaynamış (1) GECE erkek bir yaşında ön sag ayagı kırılıp kaynamış

Gece is a one year old (2012) male. He has a handicap at his left front paw.




Yasar is a male dog born in 2009, who gets along great with both humans and other dogs.

He was taken from the municipal shelter of Hasdal, which is next to the forest shelter, by an animal friend as he was suffering and did not receive treatment. She brought Yasar to a vet who had to amputate half her paw. Unfortunately, Yasar suffered from an infection again. One of the SHKD volunteers turned to Murat for help. Even though Murat thought Yasar would not survive he performed surgery nevertheless trying to save her remaining paw. A miracle occurred: Yasar is now a healthy and happy dog. And living up to the meaning of his name, Yasar; he who shall survive.


Kotan is a neutered Kangal cross-breed who was born in 2008. Kotan gets along great with humans, but can be rather jealous of other dogs.

He was found by an animal friend, with two injured hind-paws. One of the injured paws showed gangrene and it had to be amputated. This year the accident-prone dog managed to escape the shelter and broke his left  front-paw. Murat performed another surgery, but the paw will never function as it has before.



Thanks to your enthusiastic support, we were able to take care of another dog.

Conan is a real Houdini, he escapes from the shelter time after time. But….he comes back for dinner.

Conan also has just 3 legs and will have to live his life in a shelter. That is, unless a home can be found for him.

He was admitted in the shelter with a poorly amputated leg. Conan had to undergo another surgery by Murat in order to restore the poor amputation.

As you can read Conan, a male dog, was born in 2010. He is a cross-breed and has been neutered. He can get along great with both humans and animals.

By clicking on his name, Conan, you can read his complete file.



Bambi has been brought to the shelter by volunteers of the dog ambulance.
She is 8 month old and misses a leg.

The Turkish volunteer group DGB has bought an animal ambulance.
When a dog is suffering in the streets, they will pick it up and transport it to a shelter. So far this only applied to dogs that had been hit by a car. Sick strays were not being retrieved.



George died in September 2013



George is a 5 year old male dog.

He was found with a broken paw by an animal friend. She brought him to the forest shelter, where his paw had to be amputated. His recovery took so much time that he could not be placed back into the streets.

George is getting along great with both humans and other animals and can therefore be placed.


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