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Dogs looking for friends

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Dogs looking for friends




S.H.K.D. dogs looking for friends Adoption at a distance
This is how the dogs in the forest shelter live
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Give away a true friendship as a present for the coming holidays:
Send us an e-mail including your information as well as the information of the recipient and wire the contribution involved. We will then make sure you receive a lovely card with a picture of the chosen dog, so you will be able to give a concrete present instead of showing up with empty hands.

From your reactions it has become clear that many of you would like to do more for the dogs at the SHKD-shelter. Therefore we will introduce you to some of the dogs that have been in the SHKD-shelter for a long time and need our special help and attention.

If you follow the link “SHKD dogs having a friend” on our website, you can read about some of the dogs who found a new friend this way.

The cost of care for one dog in the shelter is approximately € 250,- per year.
For € 20,- per month you can become a friend of one of these dogs by adopting him/her financially. If this is too expensive, you can also pay € 10,- per month and we will look for a second friend for this dog. If you can’t afford such an adoption on your own, perhaps you could adopt a dog as a family, with a group of colleagues, with friends or maybe as the staff of a veterinary practice or a pet speciality shop. You will become the special friend(s) of the dog of your choice and through your friendship the S.H.K.D. will be able to continue giving the proper care and support to these dogs.

If you read a story and you think: I WANT TO HELP THIS DOG, please use the link. You will receive an automated confirmation and as soon as possible we will forward your mail to S.H.K.D. and send you a confirmation. The S.H.K.D. will than contact you, confirming your friendship with the dog of your choice and they will send you the details of the payments and the bank account numbers etc.

An employee of the S.H.K.D. will send you new pictures of your friend every two months together with some information. Due to the enormous workload and changes in staff, it sometimes happens that you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the update on your friend. This is not in the hands of the StrayDogsCampaign. The updates are sent to the StrayDogsCampaign and we will forward you the update, in either English, Dutch or German, depending on your preference.

Even though the “friends” campaign is meant for those dogs who cannot be placed, this year we started to include place able dogs as well. These dogs also tend to spend many years, or even a life-time, in the shelter. There are almost no dogs being adopted from shelters in Turkey and unfortunately there is no organization willing to help the SHKD in placing dogs in foreign homes. There are two reasons for this. First of all placing dogs from Turkey is much more expensive and labour-intensive than placing them from for example Greece or Spain, as there is still rabies detected in Turkey. This means that for every dog that is being placed a rabies titre has to be determined and, after that, the dog has to be kept in quarantine in Turkey. The second reason is that the SHKD does not want the dogs to go to foreign shelters and be placed from there, something very common in Germany.

We have urged the S.H.K.D. to let the friends know in time about a dog being placed but unfortunately it can occur that a dog is being placed before the friend was told about this.

The place able dogs are being transported either by plain or car to their new destination. The placing and everything that goes with it, is the complete and sole responsibility of the S.H.K.D., the StrayDogsCampaign cannot take any responsibility for this.

Of course we always ask to be kept informed about the proceeds of the placing process and about the new owner.

If your friends’ dream will come true and he/she is being placed, you can end your donation but also, if you wish, we can introduce you to a new friend.

Note: If you wish, we can of course mention your (company)name as the friend of the dog of your choice on our site.