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Dogs looking for friends

IBAN NL62INGB0004011891 BIC / SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A ING Bank-Amsterdam. ActieZwerfhonden Zonnemaire The Netherlands

A house for a dog/completed



Thanks to your wonderful support we were able to build enough new dog shelters.

We are so grateful, thank you!

Writing “A house for a dog” doesn’t mean we are asking for you to adopt a dog yourself, but we are asking you to sponsor a home (doghouse) for a dog.

A great number of dogs living in the Forest Shelter are in desperate need of a new home! The doghouses have been renovated repeatedly and now the time has come that some of them really need to be replaced!

For example, take a look at these wooden “see through bungalows” or following “jointed single-dog houses”


The winter in Holland is rather soft until now, Istanbul is already covered with snow.

With your valuable support, the StraydogsCampaign Foundation intends to build around 40 new doghouses protecting the dogs against the snow, wind and rain as well as the burning sun in summer.

The design has been made and the first test model is almost ready.

The SHKD already received the wood for building the houses. Now we are in need of screws, nails, metal connectors and funds to pay the carpenter.

This will amount to 50 euro per doghouse.




The houses will be made with a few centimeter high feet to protect the wood from damaged by the damp ground and to provide a dry place for the dogs.

The roof will be coated using synthetic materials, built flat but with a slight slope. Flat enough so the dogs can climb on it, but with a slight degree of slope so the rain can slide off. The connections between the various parts of the frame work will be strengthened using metal corner castings.

The names of all contributors will be painted on the kennels.

Of course, my hopes are that many people will donate the funds for a complete kennel. But also I know that not many people can spare 50 euro at this point in time. Please remember, every euro is more than welcome. 10 times 5 euro also makes 50 euro, and therefore a new kennel!

Will you help us in protecting the dogs against the elements? Please donate, thank you!

Account number 4011891 IBAN:NL62INGB 0004011891 BIC / SWIFT-Code: INGBNL2A in the name of St. ActieZwerfhonden (StraydogsCampaign Foundation) mentioning the reference “dog house”) and, if desired, the preferred name to be painted on “your” doghouse!


10th of September 2012

As the weather conditions are finally improving, construction of the dog kennels is being resumed.

We received enough funds to be able to build 70 kennels, of which 50 are now ready.

We will keep the campaign going, as we aspire to build 100 kennels!

Sponsors so far

I. Carvalho
Peter en Gonny Besselink en Heimeriete
J. Griekspoor
C. v.d. Kooy Casa de Scooby
Karin, Tess en Willem Marks
Saskia Kuipers en Yunah
Els Versantvoort
Fam. Taminiau en Nur
P. Vega de Lange
W. Haak
Vereniging Haas
Snoopy, Indy, Poker en Foxy
Restaurant “Aan Tafel” Utrecht
Kim Constandt
Yvonne v.d.Velde
Luuk Scharff
Fam Pieterse
Mireille Ghelen
Alie en Corine Bakker en Daddy
Sylvia Sassenus
Noor Evertsen Anna en Kaff
Debby Verschoor
Joke Kramer
C. Moerman
Paula Luttikhuis
Zekiye Yigitsoy
Corry Minnaard
Liz Cooper
SHaron Hopkins
Maureen Sbhero
Bully en de Hof van Ede
Ertem en Melda Bolukbas
Taygun Kandemir
Stephanie Orme
TDAS Agency
Geertje Oppel-Swiers
Trimsalon Reina
HJM Smits
Animal Hospital Meerkerk
Volkan Saliskan
Mrs. Hol
Judy Kleinbongardt
Donation Podencomeeting