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4/13 SHKD

SHKD Update March 2017


Latest condition of SHKD shelter

As you know our shelter is located in forest area owned by the forest ministry and we have been struggling for a long time to keep it operating since it is the one and only private shelter in Istanbul where dogs in need can be treated and sheltered. Unfortunately there is a higher court decision for us to empty the place and forest ministry called us once more in the past month demanding us to empty the place. We are now trying to rehome all dogs or as many as we can and not let any of our dogs to be taken by the municipality in which case we know that they will end up dumped in forests as is the destiny of many of Istanbul dogs. We are especially very grateful for the family of Bambi who decided to adopt her. Bambi is now at her home. We wish the same for all our project dogs as well as the rest.

Neutering Project

SHKD team went to Mudurnu for the second time this month for the neutering project. The team neutered 153 cats and dogs, collected by the municipality workers and brought by local people which is a good sign that they participated in the project.


Treatment of Demodex Dogs

The treatment of dogs infected with demodex continues with oil treatment that was donated to SHKD by Aysen Bolukbas a participant of Friends’ Project.   Our dogs are treated with oil every day and there is an observable improvement in their skin conditions, with their fur coming back.

Death of a Friends’ Project Dog

We are very sorry to inform you about the death of Sabrinas, our blind dog from Ayvalik who was operated from one eye by donation from Aysen Bolukbas. She was found dead in her dog house one morning. She was an extremely shy dog and for that reason didn’t have a chance to be rehomed. She passed all her life in shelters, in Ayvalik shelter and ours. We are sorry that she didn’t have a chance to have a home.

We are grateful to Actiezwerfhonden all friends for their support.








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